Claremont cravings: Searching for superior sweets at the 5Cs

A collage of desserts spell out "5C."
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When I got to Pomona College last year, I dove deep into the desserts … so deep that I had to cut myself off and avoid them completely. I begin to feel bad when I consistently consume a lot of sugar, so if a dessert is not really good, I’d rather not eat it. In this article I’ll let you know about my favorite 5C dining hall desserts so that you can make a more satisfying choice when faced by the plethora of sweets available at the 5Cs. 





  1. Collins Chocolate Chip Cookies — Claremont McKenna College

Every dining hall at the 5Cs has their own chocolate chip cookie, but in my opinion, Collins’ are by far the best. These chocolate chip cookies are almost bite-sized, and I never feel complete with just one. They have a lot of chocolate in them and usually are still warm, making the chocolate melted and smooth inside them. The batter has a much richer and more buttery flavor than that of its 5C counterparts. 

  1. Malott Watermelon — Scripps College

I love good fruit. If I had the choice between extremely fresh, ripe fruit and baked desserts, I would almost always choose to eat the fruit. Yet finding ripe fruit at the 5C dining halls can be tough. The dining hall where I most consistently find good ripe fruit is at Scripps’ dining hall, Malott. Their watermelon in particular is my favorite. The watermelon located in the salad bar is very sweet and well chopped, making it easy to eat. In Malott they also have Tajín — a Mexican chili and lime seasoning for fruit — and chamoy — a Mexican sauce for ice cream and fruit made of dried fruits, chili and lime. These condiments can take the fruit to the next level. I also cannot overlook the pineapple, which is also consistently ripe and sweet.

  1. The Frozen Treats of the Hoch — Harvey Mudd College 

Even though the Hoch is a bit of a hike for me, I try to go at least once a week to enjoy their scrumptious frozen treats. I especially like their matcha ice cream. It is not overly sweet, and it has a strong matcha taste. While the matcha ice cream sadly isn’t always available, they do always have the Icee machine. When I tried Icees from similarly sized machines in the past, they sometimes wouldn’t be well-frozen and would melt quickly. However, the Icees at Harvey Mudd College always come out perfectly frozen. 

  1. Frary Caramel and Pecan Cookie — Pomona College

Due to having three dining halls, Pomona probably has the largest selection of desserts of all the 5Cs. While I normally think that Frank and Frary are comparable, I think that there are more and better desserts at Frary than at Frank. There is one dessert at Frary that stands out amongst the rest: the caramel and pecan cookie. This cookie is not there very often, so when I see it on the menu, I rush to get it. This cookie has a lot of caramel in it, which makes it chewy and sticky on the inside, yet it’s slightly crunchy on the outside where the caramel leaks out of the batter. The pecans are a nice complement to the caramel, giving the cookies a very buttery taste and an overall great texture.

  1. Berry Crumble at Frank and Frary — Pomona College

I have seen the berry crumble at both Frank and Frary. By the time I get to it, it is usually almost completely eaten, and I must rush to get the little bit of it that is left. Unlike many of the other fruit desserts at the 5Cs, this dessert has more fruit than other ingredients, which is why I love it so much. The berry filling is not overwhelmingly sweet and slightly tangy, which brings it to the next level.

Isaac Warshaw PO ’25 is a student with a passion for flavor and a hunger to satisfy. He writes about food and cooking in Claremont to help fellow students make more informed culinary decisions so that they can improve their dining experience in college.

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