TSL’s office in Walker Hall. (Alice Shinn • The Student Life)

The Student Life is the oldest college newspaper in Southern California. Founded in 1889, it serves as the newspaper for the Claremont Colleges, a consortium of five liberal art colleges and two graduate schools in Claremont, California. It publishes a newspaper every Friday during the academic year and content online daily.

Whether covering breaking news or controversial issues, TSL aims to provide unbiased, factual reporting and a platform for students, faculty, and staff to engage in. Beyond the news section, TSL engages with student life by spotlighting noteworthy student achievements, while giving consistent coverage of cultural events and sports on campus. TSL also serves as a forum for discussion that showcases the wide array of opinions and identities throughout the 7C community.

The Editorial Board consists of the editor-in-chief and two managing editors. Aside from the editorial, the views expressed in the Opinions section do not necessarily reflect the views of TSL.

Print Editions

PDFs of more recent print issues of TSL can be found on Issuu here.


TSL Archival Issue
(Samuel Breslow • The Student Life)

In Sept. 2018, TSL migrated from a website custom built by Harvey Mudd College students to a WordPress website. TSL staff members transferred all articles, photos and videos over exactly as they found them. But some of the data may have been lost or corrupted during the move. The only intentional changes made were the addition of alternative text to each photo for accessibility.

TSL articles published since 2009 are available on this website. Additionally, most articles published since 1999 are accessible via archive.org.

TSL’s full archives dating back to 1889 are available through Special Collections at the Honnold/Mudd Library. Individuals may also visit TSL’s office during open hours (Tuesdays 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.) to peruse an archive dating back to 1925.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor can be submitted via mail, email, our website, or in person at Walker Hall room 101 at Pomona College (across from Frary Dining Hall and the clock tower). Letters should be under 400 words (although when an issue is particularly salient, we may allow letters to run at a longer length) and submitted by 4 p.m. Tuesday of the week of publication.

We will not accept anonymous letters, letters containing profanity, or letters making personal attacks, and we reserve the right to edit spelling, punctuation, and serious grammatical errors. Letters may be signed by a maximum of three persons. All letters become the property of TSL. You will be contacted if your letter is a candidate for publication, but we reserve the right not to publish any letters.


TSL alumni are encouraged to connect with each other and with current staff in this Facebook group and this LinkedIn group.


TSL holds itself to the highest possible journalistic standards. We aim to seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable and transparent, as aligned with the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

We seek to obtain information on the record and identify sources whenever possible. Our readers are entitled to as much information as possible regarding sources’ reliability.

The editor-in-chief may grant a source anonymity if 1) the information given is not an opinion or speculation, and is vital to the story, 2) the source can provide important information that cannot be obtained elsewhere and would put them at serious risk of harm if it were attributed to them, and 3) the source is in a position to provide reliable, accurate information.

In such circumstances, the identity of the source and the reason for anonymity must be known to the reporter and the editor-in-chief, so they can assess the appropriateness of using such a source.

We do not allow sources to review any article before it is published. Sources may request to have their quotes read back over the telephone to ensure that they have been accurately transcribed, but they may not take back or modify quotes.

Community Guidelines

TSL is dedicated to providing a platform for free expression, from informing the Claremont community on the issues that matter most to publishing guest editorials. Our online comment section is a vital component of that platform. While comments automatically appear after submission without our approval, TSL reserves the right to remove comments that do not meet the following guidelines:

  1. Comments should be relevant and civil. They may attack ideas but not people. They should add to the discourse and not intentionally mislead other readers.
  2. Comments that encourage discrimination based on race, class, religion, gender, sexuality, ability, and/or other identities will not be tolerated. Neither will comments that contain private or personal information, commercial promotion, profanity, obscenity, libel, or defamation.

If you believe we have erred or would like to talk about these guidelines, you can contact us anytime at editor@tsl.news.

Distribution Map

Please note that the precise distribution locations are subject to change, but the map will be consistently updated whenever possible.


Single copies of TSL are free and may be obtained at newsstands around campus. Multiple copies may be purchased for 47 cents per copy with prior approval by contacting editor@tsl.news. Newspaper theft is a crime; perpetrators may be subject to disciplinary action as well as civil and/or criminal prosecution.

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