Have you heard something you think TSL should be aware of? Fill out this form or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Below the form are ways to contact us confidentially.

Confidential Tips

Got the next big story? Send us a secure, confidential news tip using one of the following methods. We’ll respond on the same platform if we have questions, but will never share identifying information against your will. Note: We may not be able to reply to every news tip.


Signal is an end-to-end encrypted, open-source messaging app available for free for iOS and Android devices — that means it’s pretty damn secure. Signal lets you send us text, photos and video. You can also call us securely. The only metadata Signal saves is your phone number, when you created your account and when you were last active. Messages can also be made to self-destruct once they’ve been seen, like Snapchat.

Add us:+1 970-306-5527 


Our secure tips email, unlike the rest of official TSL email addresses, is not hosted by the subdomain. This means it’s far more difficult for information technology offices at the Claremont Colleges to access the inbox or intercept messages.

Email us:

Encrypted Email

We also offer industry-standard PGP encryption for the secure tips email address. This prevents people who may gain access to the inbox or intercept messages from reading their contents. We recommend the browser extension Mailvelope, but any PGP encrypting service will work. For more information, see this explanation of public and private keys or Mailvelope’s help page.

Download our public key.

Our PGP fingerprint: 3E08 CB29 126A 986D A626 7962 10FF 333E 0C0F B22C

For an added level of security, consider sending tips via public WiFi, such as a nearby Starbucks or other establishment.