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Want to gain real-world journalism experience? Collaborate with students across the Claremont Colleges to keep our community informed and connected — all with the support of experienced editors and the backing of a 130-year-old paper.

Being part of TSL’s staff means you build professional skills and garner real-world working experience, all while helping produce an award-winning publications. No prior journalism experience is required to work at TSL; we train everyone, regardless of background.

Wherever your interests lie, you have a role to play at TSL. We welcome students from any of the 7Cs to join our news, arts & culture, sports, opinions, copy editing, design, photography, web, audience, graphics and business desks.

Applications are closed this fall, but we hire every semester! Check back in January for information on joining TSL, and keep an eye on our social media over the break.

Any 7C student! We welcome everyone, regardless of background. If you’re interested in a role but not sure you have the right experience, please apply and we’ll make sure we find you a good fit.
Click here for a list of all the roles you can consider! Most of our positions are filled for the semester, but we're still taking applications on a rolling basis (particularly for our sports and business desks).
It’s simple and easy! We have a short form where you can tell us a little more about yourself. Then you should email to set up a short conversation so we can ensure you're placed where you fit best.
Positions marked “senior staff” receive compensation for their commitment, varying by role. These include editors, associates and business managers. Senior staffers do not always have previous TSL experience, and if you’re interested in one of these positions, we’re happy to talk it through during your interview!

Due to rules around student hiring, students taking a leave of absence or who do not meet the qualification of a full-time student are currently ineligible to apply for or work in paid positions. They are still eligible to work in unpaid roles.
Okay! Let us know at We’re happy to help.

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