Student Health Services COVID-19 vaccination clinics now open to all community members 18 years or older

Student Health Services will begin providing COVID-19 vaccines to all members of the Claremont community 18 years of age or older April 16.

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Claremont Colleges unveil new telehealth service

The Claremont Colleges unveiled a new telehealth option to supplement the limited services of Student Health Services and Monsour Counseling.

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Campus facilities shut down as students evacuate

On-campus 5C amenities, like dining halls and gyms, are beginning to shut down or restrict their services following the coronavirus pandemic.

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Deans in the dark: Student Health Services makes unilateral decision to suspend appointments

When Student Health Services decided to suspend routine medical appointments Sept. 24, student deans across the 5Cs found themselves in the same boat as students: completely unaware.

Or at least, that’s what the consortium says now. Last week, The Claremont Colleges Services said deans were involved in “all the changes to the services being provided at SHS.”

Either way, students remained without formal notice from their respective colleges for at least a week.

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Doctor Who? SHS suspends appointment scheduling due to ‘critical’ staff shortage

Student Health Services is currently not scheduling non-urgent appointments due to “critical” staff shortage.

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