Deans in the dark: Student Health Services makes unilateral decision to suspend appointments

When Student Health Services decided to suspend routine medical appointments Sept. 24, student deans across the 5Cs found themselves in the same boat as students: completely unaware.

Or at least, that’s what the consortium says now. Last week, The Claremont Colleges Services said deans were involved in “all the changes to the services being provided at SHS.”

Either way, students remained without formal notice from their respective colleges for at least a week.

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Stuck in limbo: Low income Pomona students frustrated by uncertainty over textbook aid

The programs Pomona College has implemented to help students afford textbooks have left many students unclear if and how they can receive financial support for academic materials.  

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‘Just not enough’: Pomona students rally for improved mental health care

More than 100 students rallied at Pomona College’s Smith Campus Center on Monday to demand that the Pomona administration improve services for students with mental health issues, especially students from marginalized communities. The rally was organized by a coalition of 5C student groups under the name Students for an Accountable

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Pomona suspends sexual assault survivors program

Pomona College announced Wednesday that the Pomona Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault program has been suspended for the remainder of the spring semester, an unanticipated and controversial move that prompted nearly 100 students to pack an ASPC meeting room to voice their dissent. Written by the President’s Advisory Committee

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Pomona’s Orientation Adventure revision process continues with open forums

After reversing her controversial decision last fall to move Pomona College’s Orientation Adventure to students’ sophomore years, Dean of Students Avis Hinkson has held three open forums this semester to collect feedback for the new temporary Orientation Committee. Hinkson, who arrived at Pomona in August, announced in December the school

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Pomona Hires Experienced Administrator As New Dean of Students

Pomona College hired Barnard College’s dean of the college, Avis E. Hinkson, as its new vice president and dean of students Wednesday. Hinkson will begin work Aug. 1, President G. Gabrielle Starr announced in an email to students. Hinkson was selected by a committee of three trustees, two faculty members,

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