Students lived alongside infected peers after CMC and Mudd ran out of isolation space

As COVID-19 cases surged to unprecedented levels at the 5Cs throughout April, Claremont McKenna College and Harvey Mudd College quickly found themselves in a complicated position: they didn’t have enough isolation space for everyone who tested positive.

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Claremont Unified School District loses federal funding for free COVID tests

Los Angeles County is losing its free testing sites. Among the services that have been cut in recent weeks is the free COVID-19 testing program in Claremont’s public schools, putting some parents in a tight spot.

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SHS implements pooled COVID-19 testing, citing cost and efficiency

This month, some 5C students were puzzled to discover their COVID-19 test results from Student Health Services read “Pnegative,” rather than the formerly reported “negative.” 

The reason for their confusion? SHS began pooled testing on Nov. 1, and results shifted accordingly to reflect the new process in place.

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