Following CMC, Pomona to reopen some athletic facilities March 18

Pomona's blue Strehle Track.
Strehle Track will open on a reservation basis to Pomona and Pitzer students during select hours Monday through Friday. (Courtesy: Pomona-Pitzer Athletics).

Pomona College will welcome Pomona students, faculty and staff and Pitzer College students to resume using several of its outdoor recreational facilities beginning March 18.

The limited reopenings come after Los Angeles County’s ease into the less-restrictive red tier on Monday, and appear to be the first materialization of college administrators’ notice late February that outdoor facilities for sports conditioning and recreational activities could reopen in accordance with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines

Pomona’s Haldeman Pool, Pauley Tennis Facility, Rogers Courts and Strehle Track will be open during select hours Monday through Friday by reservation, according to a March 16 email from Pomona-Pitzer Athletic Director Miriam Merrill. 

Community members will be “required to show [their] valid work/student ID and proof of daily health check clearance upon arrival to the athletic facilities” and complete temperature checks prior to starting their activities. 

Reservations for open facilities will be taken on the new Pomona-Pitzer Athletic Facilities Reservations App, available on the college’s athletics website.

Participants can sign up for only one activity slot a day and are allocated, at most, two activities a week with the ability to use only one facility per day. Additionally, each facility contains differing restrictions on time of participants’ usage and number of participants allowed in each facility per hour, according to the email.

Participants also must comply with other mask and social distancing guidelines, including remaining 6 feet apart at all times, bringing their own water and equipment and wearing masks at all times except when swimming. 

The email emphasized that the recreational usage guidelines will be strictly enforced, and “failure to comply will result in loss of facility access privileges.” 

Claremont McKenna College similarly announced the opening of some of its facilities to CMC students, staff and faculty Saturday. Facilities will open on a reservation basis Monday.

There is still no news on the reopening of Honnold Mudd Library Pomona noted it was pushing for in collaboration with the other Claremont Colleges in late February.

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