You asked, we answered: Are the berries across from The Hub at Claremont McKenna College edible?

Two small berries with a spiky, rough exterior, hang from the branch of a small tree. The smaller, younger berry is yellow while the larger one is red.
Fruit from the Western Strawberry Tree can be found across the 5Cs and is edible. (Talia Bernstein • The Student Life)

Yes, they are indeed.

Claremont McKenna College spokesperson Valerie Ramos said the berries might be from a Western Strawberry Tree, Myrtle Tree, Chinese Photinia or Yeddo Hawthorn, the most common trees and shrubs found across the CMC campus.

The fruit of these plants are indeed edible and considered non-toxic, according to Ramos and CMC’s Campus Grounds Manager.

Ramos said she doesn’t “recommend consuming them as an individual may experience unknown side effects such as aggravated allergies.”

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