Scripps’ Tiernan Field House opens wellness room with napping beds, TED talks and more

Students sit in a lounge area with a soft grey carpet and blue and grey comfy couches and chairs. The wall displays a floor-to-ceiling image of an alpine lake surrounded by pine trees and mountains.
Scripps College recently opened a wellness room in the Sallie Tiernan Field House to promote student health and wellbeing. (Zoe Cowan • The Student Life)

Need a place to recline on comfy cushions, relax in a massage chair and unwind from a stressful day?

You might want to pay a visit to the new Scripps Wellness Room located in the Sallie Tiernan Field House (TFH). The space offers a getaway from college life where students can lie down for a nap, chill out in a massage chair and more.

The room opened Nov. 8. Student Peer Health Educators and student feedback decided what resources and events were offered in the room, according to Victoria Rodriguez SC ’21, a TFH coordinator. It’s filled with board games, plush chairs, bean bags, napping beds, a coffee table and a massage chair available for visitors.

The room is managed by Scripps’ four student Peer Health Educators, who host office hours for students to seek guidance and support in the pursuit of wellness, according to Rodriguez and the schedule posted in the room.

“The facility is student-run, and we wanted the room to reflect that,” Rodriguez said.

PHEs are available for students to meet one-on-one and receive information on things like self-care and how to navigate a difficult class, according to TFH’s associate director, Lisette De La Trinidad.

She said via email that they wanted to “provide students a space where they could focus on their overall mental and emotional health and have easy access to health and wellness supplies.”

Rodriguez emphasized that the room “is whatever students want [the] space to be for. […] We want to foster a greater sense of holistic wellness,” she said.

Weekly events such as Tasty Tuesdays and Destress Thursdays offer special times for students to participate in activities such as making vegan cookie dough dip and meditating, according to posters in the room. Other parts of the week are reserved for nap hours, watching wellness TED talks, coloring and yoga.

Sexual health products, female hygiene products and pamphlets with information ranging from drug and alcohol addiction studies to on-campus contacts for survivors of sexual assault line one of the shelves in the room.

Students can submit suggestions for new programs and cast their vote for the room’s official name, according to Rodriguez and a sign in the room.

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