SHS brings on four new staff members to re-open services

After a month-long period operating as an urgent care center, Student Health Services was able to resume normal service Oct. 22 after it hired four new staff members, officials said.

During the suspension, SHS did not take routine appointments due to a “critical” shortage of registered nurses and medical providers, TSL previously reported

The Claremont Colleges Services responded by hiring and initiating orientation sessions for three registered nurses and a nurse practitioner, according to Janet Smith Dickerson, TCCS vice president for student affairs. In addition, one nursing staff member returned from leave. 

The new hires will join the three doctors, two nurse practitioners and one registered nurse currently working at SHS.

All normal services have now resumed except for allergen immunotherapy services. SHS will be able to offer allergy shots again once the new nurses’ orientation is complete, Dickerson said via email Monday.

“We are very pleased that Student Health Services has been able to resume normal operations after the staffing challenges we encountered earlier this month … ,” she said. “Barring any new unforeseen circumstances, the clinic will be able to treat students with urgent needs immediately, as well as schedule routine appointments without a prolonged delay.”

TCCS additionally made efforts in the last three weeks to accelerate its search for a new full-time SHS medical director. The center has not had a full-time director since at least spring 2018, and lost the previous two in less than a year, TSL previously reported.

Dickerson said TCCS invited a finalist to come to Claremont for interviews and a public presentation Nov. 15.

She invited all students to attend the meetings and contact her or her assistant for details of the candidate’s schedule. 

Dickerson previously told TSL that SHS has struggled with hiring due to a “competitive” regional job market for healthcare professionals.

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