Sipping on Serenity: An unexpected blend between motorcycles and coffee at Rev’d Up

A drawing of a mug of coffee with a cartoonish cloud of steam rising from it. In the steam are bubble letters saying “REV’D UP.” The mug stands against a distorted background of purple, black, and red.
(Max Ranney • The Student Life)

When asked what are the typical vibes of a coffee shop, most think of a minimal, boho setting to study, work or chat with friends. As an avid coffee drinker and café enthusiast myself, I, too, am guilty of imagining the stereotypical café space. You know: simple lighting, plants, modern decor and a relaxed environment.   

However, what happens if there was a coffee shop that broke those stereotypes of how we perceive coffee shops? What happens if there is a coffee shop that blends together traditional coffee drinks and cafe bites with a Harley-Davidson aesthetic, of all things? 

Introducing Rev’d Up Coffee & Classics, where punk meets coffee — literally. 

This coffee shop has quickly grown to be a favorite among many in the Claremont community since its opening in 2016 and is located just outside of Harvey Mudd College on Foothill Boulevard. And yes, it’s so worth the walk. 

Walking into Rev’d Up is almost as if you are walking into a motorcycle dealership store. Various street signs, punk posters, vintage objects and two beautiful bikes mounted near the window make it an unrivaled experience for anyone. 

Kaylie Chakerian is one of the baristas at Rev’d Up, ringing up customers with a friendly smile while bringing positive energy to the store.

“I did grow up in Claremont my whole life, so I’ve known about this place for five to six years now,” Chakerian said. “I’ve been working here since August and honestly, it had a lot to do with my interests. I’m a fan of cars, bikes and coffee.”

Chakerian also explained the inspiration behind the unique coffee shop.

“My boss is very much in the car and bike scene. He has a lot of biker friends that come by and enjoys picking up a bunch of retro stuff along the way while looking for unique signs,” Chakerian said. “He also has [his bike] inside displayed sometimes or brings it outside. He has some cars he also likes to bring in, so he’s very much into it and he does make a lot of friends here.” 

Being in the car and bike scene for a while, Chakerian is working on getting her very own bike. She explained how Rev’d Up acts as a meeting place for many bikers around the area and finds it funny how many of her friends know her coworkers because of this tight-knit car community. 

“It’s very nice — the community here in Claremont is small, but it does reach a wide range of people who are into bikes and cars,” Chakerian said. “We have bike nights here too so it’s pretty fun. It brings like-minded people with the same interests together. They have a great time and are here for hours. From morning to evening time. They are just enjoying a good cup of coffee and stories.” 

For newcomers, Chakerian recommends the Elvis toast (two slabs of bread with peanut butter, banana, and bits of bacon on it) and the Caffeine Overload drink. 

“I really like the Caffeine Overload. To me, it’s also our ‘cold start’ drink. It has our espresso and cold brew, which has a lot of caffeine,” Chakerian said.

Caitlin Niiya PZ ‘26 and Hanna Chen PZ ’26 came to Rev’d Up to get a change of scenery while  doing their homework and enjoying a nice cup of coffee.  

“It was my first time here at Rev’d Up,” Niiya said. “I like how it’s a small and enclosed space. And the music wasn’t blasting, but it was also a different type of music that was different from the lofi or study music that you get from other coffee shops. I like their menus, signs, pictures and posters on the wall. It made it a really cool cafe.” 

Chen agreed, noting that Rev’d Up goes against the grain of typical coffee shops.

“I think Rev’d Up brings a very different study space because generally cafes near school are very minimalistic, cute and simple … if you want a different scene, then it’s a good place to go,” Chen said. 

Zoe Park PZ ’26 considers herself an infrequent but recurring customer here. She is drawn to their vast drink selection and the sitting bar area where she can sprawl out her work while looking at the street, people-watching. 

“I definitely think it brings more affordable coffee to students and brings spice to the life,” Park said. “I like the Easy Rider drink. It’s kind of like a cookie butter latte, and I recommend it to newcomers.” 

Seven years after its opening, Rev’d Up Coffee remains one of Claremont’s favorite hub spots among students and bikers alike to share a cup of coffee. Bringing a new face to how we view coffee shops, this place continues to bring the surrounding car and bike community together while also serving traditional coffee drinks to its customers. So maybe after all, motorcycles and coffee do go well together. 

“Over the years people got used to it, enjoy it, and they now love coming here,” Chakerian said. “I think that’s the biggest change: the people and their hearts.” 

5/5 stars.

Carter Soe PZ ’26 is from San Ramon, California. He enjoys being outdoors, reading fiction books and spending his money on overpriced coffee.

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