ASHMC Council Briefs

The Nov. 17 meeting of the Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC) Council began with a presentation from Office of Communication and Marketing Assistant Vice President Tim Hussey. Hussey reviewed the college’s rebranding effort, with particular attention to the college’s new website design, to solicit feedback from the Council. The mock-up of the new website, sporting HMC’s new, squarish logo and a typeface called Roboto Slab, looks more modern and navigable than the previous one. However, work on the website is still unfinished; for example, Council members noted it lacks a link pointing to the ASHMC website, and fails to emphasize the Honor Code’s importance to the college community. 

The Council then continued the Great Honor Code Plaque Placement Debate, taking into account disturbing new information that a plaque located on the concrete pillars of the New Building/Shanahan/BLT/Bananahan would have to be curved and limited in size due to the cylindrical shape of the pillars. After a convoluted vote to determine an alternate location for the plaque, the Council decided that unless the plaque is erected on the pillars, it should not be erected at all. Computer Committee representative Jacob Bandes-Storch HM ’14 declared, “The Honor Code is a pillar of Harvey Mudd College!”

To view the mock-up of the new website, visit

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