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Student Activities Chair Francesca Simmons SC ’14 led the Nov. 17 meeting of the Scripps Associated Students (SAS) Programming Board. Plans were made for a 5C party of non-denominational holiday fun, which will be jointly hosted Dec. 7 by Claremont McKenna College and Scripps College. A champagne bar, an hour of a cappella_x000D_
performances, and a dance floor with Christmas tunes festively intermingled with Top 40 music will_x000D_
be some of the highlights.

At the Executive Board (EB) meeting, SAS President Marta Bean SC ’14 suggested creating a Facebook group separate from the SAS group. The idea passed easily. Also mentioned at the meeting was the_x000D_
issue that students were unable to get elective credit for classes such as marketing, taken while studying abroad, that have been dubbed “too pre-professional.” 

The board also considered_x000D_
redefining some SAS roles to better represent the members’ responsibilities. Co-Treasurer Casey Maas SC ’14 brought to the group’s attention an apparent crush SAS senators had on EB members, noting senatorial eagerness to spend time with the board. Things quickly devolved into a healthy discourse on_x000D_
communication, during which Bean paid a compliment to the class of 2017.

RSVP for everything and show up to all the events,” Bean said. (Apparently, EB has a collective crush on the first-years.)*

Vice President Alex Frumkin SC ’14 spoke about the speeches_x000D_
and statements of intent for next year’s SAS board. Dates were tentatively_x000D_
set last week. Once the new members have been elected, they will hold a_x000D_
transition meeting and then pass the reins to the next board in early April. Concerns were raised not_x000D_
only about passing on the responsibilities to new SAS leaders, but also about the imminent end of four years of study and student government for many board members. Tension_x000D_
remained high for several minutes until Leah Soffer SC ’14 broke and uttered,_x000D_
“We’re almost graduated!” bringing the situation to a head with an immediate_x000D_
uproar from the seniors present. Simmons summed up the sentiments with a_x000D_
“Peace out, girl scouts.”

*Creating a vicious love triangle between senators, EB, and first-years?

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