Pitzer Student Senate Briefs

Pitzer College Student Senate Chair Nicolás Romo PZ ’14 kicked off the Nov. 10 Senate meeting with the regrettable news that next week’s Senate meeting is canceled. The cancellation stems not from a lack of governmental drive, but from a power grab by the Pitzer administration: The Office of the President needs the Founders Room next Sunday for the Fulbright Banquet. However, Romo assured senators that this is sort of a big deal, as the Fulbright Committee never has met west of the Mississippi River before. 

The Senate zipped through committee and Executive Committee reports. Vice Chair Matt Hoffer PZ ’14 briefly mourned the mysterious disappearance of the Senate blackboard before whipping out his iPad to manage the agenda. Moving on to the first order of business, senators discussed a proposed resolution to establish a yearly Student Voice Week. The event, to be organized each spring by an ad hoc committee, will allow senators to communicate with their constituents about the past and future of the Senate. It will also be a space to highlight interesting things Pitzer students are doing, and to bring issues students think are important to the table. The resolution passed easily.  

The meeting concluded with a discussion about the best way to appoint students to the fledgling Climate Action Task Force. Senators hotly debated the merits of having the student body vote. Secretary Andrea Gochi PZ ’14 pointed out that there was not enough time to hold student body elections, since the task force must be appointed by Nov. 22. Romo decided to send out an e-mail to the student body asking applicants to send him a brief description of their qualifications. The Executive Committee will then choose three candidates.

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