Pitzer Student Senate Briefs

The Pitzer College Student Senate convened Nov. 3 without its fearless leader, Senate Chair_x000D_
Nicholas Romo PZ ’14, who was away on emergency business. Brushing away a tear for his absent superior, Senate Vice Chair Matt Hoffer PZ ’14 drove senators through what was perhaps the_x000D_
fastest meeting in Senate history. After succinct Executive Committee and Committee Reports, the Senate sailed_x000D_
into open forum. Jess Grady-Benson PZ_x000D_
’14, a leader of the Claremont Colleges Divestment Campaign, told the Senate about the Pitzer Board of Trustees’ plan to create a new divestment task_x000D_
force, which will include three_x000D_
Senate-appointed student representatives. She requested that the Senate appoint the Claremont Colleges Divestment Campaign’s three_x000D_
nominations to the task force. If that_x000D_
was unacceptable, she asked that the Senate hold a full student body vote to_x000D_
fill the positions. Several senators_x000D_
voiced discomfort about catering to special interest groups. Senators agreed to discuss the matter further at the next meeting. 

With the divestment debate tabled, the Senate moved on to a bill to fund the currently defunct Budgetary Committee. Senate Treasurer Bailey Masullo PZ_x000D_
’15 explained that the bill would allocate $9,000 from the reserves to fund_x000D_
the committee for the remainder of the year. Several senators expressed the desire to add_x000D_
an amendment to the bill to ensure that the committee never runs out of_x000D_
resources again. Smelling_x000D_
freedom in the air, other senators pushed the bill to a vote, and the Senate passed it with ease, bringing the meeting to a close. 

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