ASCMC Senate Briefs

The Nov. 14 meeting of the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC) Senate opened with discussion of a guest presentation by Grace Lee, Deputy Director of the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council. Lee introduced the Youth Council Resolution, which expresses support for the formation of a youth advisory council to the president of the United States. Some senators expressed ambivalence about how effective such a council would be in advising the political process, and others wondered whether it would be truly representative of the diversity of youths in the United States. The resolution passed with 60 percent of voting senators approving, 26 percent opposed, and 15 percent abstaining.

The funding request to furnish the Marks Hall basement with music equipment was received less ambiguously, passing with 96 percent in favor. Doubts were cast upon ASCMC’s ability to keep the equipment safe from the hands, feet, and urinary tracts of the Thursday-night populace. ASCMC President Gavin Landgraf CM ’14 reassured the group that although the issue was still under discussion, Facilities and Campus Services had expressed willingness to invest in security equipment to safeguard the space both before and after the renovation.

A formal vote on the budget passed with unanimous approval from every residence hall except Beckett Hall, which had no representatives present. Landgraf then invited Forum Editor-in-Chief Ana Kakkar CM ’14 and Forum Chief Operating Officer Nathan Falk CM ’14 to the floor to give closing remarks on the amendment for the Forum‘s independence, which passed with majority approval from all residence halls with representatives present (see page 4). 

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