ASPC Senate Briefs

Vice President for Campus Events Giselle Fierro PO ’14 started off_x000D_
the Nov. 5 meeting of the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) Senate with a reading of her proposal to add one_x000D_
ad hoc first-year and one ad hoc underclassman to the Senate. Due to the nuances of Roberts’ Rules—those delightful regulations_x000D_
that require formal procedure during meetings—there was some confusion about_x000D_
whether ASPC President Darrell Jones III PO ’14 was motioning to amend the amendment or motioning to take a vote on amending the amendment. After about 30_x000D_
minutes, the group voted to add one first-year and one student-at-large to the_x000D_
Senate. The proposal will go to the student body for a vote before it becomes_x000D_
a constitutional amendment.

Junior Class President Don Swan PO ’15 reported that more progress_x000D_
had been made on the Information Technology Services (ITS) parking garage project, and that, once given final_x000D_
administrative approval, the first 35 students living in Walker and Clark Halls_x000D_
to sign up will receive access to the ITS garage. Swan then received a round of_x000D_
applause from the Senate, which just about made this reporter’s heart melt.

Vice President for Finance Eric Martinez PO ’14 finished off the_x000D_
meeting with a presentation on the finances of Harwood Halloween. Martinez_x000D_
explained that Harwood Halloween cost the Pomona Events Committee (PEC) approximately_x000D_
$37,000, which amounts to about eight percent of the total revenue from ASPC student fees._x000D_
Martinez then suggested—hold your breath—that the Senate cease funding for_x000D_
Harwood Halloween and that PEC instead provide more, smaller parties. (Just as multiple_x000D_
piranhas can devour a mighty shark, perhaps multiple mini-parties can topple_x000D_
the grand Harwood Halloween.)

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