ASHMC Council Briefs

The Oct. 27 Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC) Council meeting got off to a quick start as members continued to discuss where to display HMC’s Honor Code in the new Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning. ASHMC President Travis Athougies HM ’14 held an unofficial vote on the placement of the plaque. Despite a concern voiced by Dormitory Affairs Committee Chair Michael Saffron HM ’15 that the café was too trendy for the Honor Code, it was the most popular choice. The Council also discussed sandblast-stenciling the Honor Code into the concrete. In the end, the issue was put on hold as members agreed to walk around Shanahan to examine the area.


Members also voted on several monetary issues. The Council approved a request by CGU graduate Sam Spurlin for $1,500 to help fund next year’s TEDxClaremontColleges conference. Members also approved a request by Athletic Director Travis Beckman HM ’15 for $930.18 to buy a new machine for the weight room. Less fortunate was Kyle Siegel HM ’14 of Snow Club, who requested a $500 subsidy for 15 $300 skiing season passes to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. Council members rejected the request because they were concerned that the subsidy would not make a significant difference in the cost of each student’s pass.

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