Pitzer Student Senate Briefs

The curtains at the Oct. 27 Pitzer College Student Senate meeting opened on a club approval request. Kristen Park PZ ’17 proposed a running club called Mile for Mile, whose members would run a half-marathon each year to raise funds for a nonprofit organization. Eventually, the club would partner with a local elementary school to get kids excited about running. Senate Treasurer Bailey Masullo PZ ’15 suggested Park speak with Pitzer’s existing exercise club, Sweated Out, to see if her program could be incorporated, and the vote on the club was tabled until the next meeting.  


During the meeting’s second act, the Senate was treated to a special guest performance by Pitzer College Treasurer Yuet K. Lee, who stunned the crowd with an informative presentation on college and Senate finances. He explained that the college’s budget this year is $54.2 million, and explained that 84 percent of that sum comes from student fees. Senators paused for a moment to think wistfully of their empty wallets. Finance goals described by Lee included expanding employee health care coverage and bringing professors’ salaries back up to the 95th percentile. He also mentioned keeping tuition increases at the lowest possible level, a goal that was met in nine of the past 10 years. Lee then addressed the Senate’s desire to invest its extra money and create an endowment. After gently reminding an eager cadre of senators that leftover student activity fees belonged to the college and not to the Senate, Lee tantalized his audience with the far-off dream of creating an endowment for club funding.

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