ASCMC Senate Briefs

Claremont McKenna College Career Services Center Director Diana Seder and Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Darrin Roberts crashed this week’s Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC) Senate meeting to plug the newly redesigned Mentor Connect program (previously called Mentor Café). Arguably the most indispensable feature of the upgraded software is its ability to link students’ painstakingly crafted LinkedIn pages to their Mentor Connect profiles. Of tangential note was the new, efficient interface for students to choose mentors with whom they wished to build relationships based on their career goals.


President Pro Tempore Michael Irvine CM ’16 and Chief Financial Officer Jasmine DiLucci CM ’14 introduced the fall 2013 budget to the Senate for discussion.  Pursuant to new operating procedures, the vote on the budget will occur at the next Senate meeting, giving senators time to meditate on the issues raised in the Senate before they vote. Senators also discussed the integration of Thursday Night Club and Dormitory Affairs Committee funds to allow for greater spending flexibility, and the transfer of White Party revenues and expenses into a Spring Parties fund as a reduced amount—“a little bit more realistic for what Spring Parties funds should be,” as Irvine noted.


Administrative and Budgetary Committee Chair Aviv Caspi CM ’16 then introduced the Diwali funding request for $600 by the Claremont Hindu Society. After a round of clicker voting, it passed 86 percent A. Approve, seven percent B. Oppose, and five percent C. Abstain. The final two percent voted E. My Finger Slipped/Voting Is A Social Construct.

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