Senate Briefs 2/11/11

Nice To Meet You

Since it was the first meeting for new North Campus Representative Caroline Rubin PO ’12 and Commissioner of Academic Affairs Derek Schiable PO ’11, Stephanie Almeida PO ’11 ordered that everyone go around the room and introduce themselves. Commissioner for Community Relations Drew DiPalma PO ’13, not one to stick to a schedule, walked in just at the end of introductions and didn’t miss a beat, adding that he was “Drew, Commissioner for Community Relations, and orange”. Clearly sponsor training has gotten to DiPalma.


Rubin and South Campus Representative Ian Gallogly PO ’13 proceeded to nominate members to both the Food Committee and Residence Hall Committee, citing diminishing attendance at meetings. Rubin then pronounced her first words as an official senator: “I have no idea what to do.”

What’s Da Beef?

Unprompted, Vice President Cosimo Thawley PO ’11 announced his hatred of the new Meatless Monday Lunch at Frary. The whole Senate chimed in in agreement, and Commissioner of Communications Alex Rudy PO ’11 added that the lunch was “entirely unmeatless—what part of a barbecue chicken calzone is meatless?” Gallogly responded to this ambush by mentioning that Dining Services initiated the program, not the Food Committee.

Double Standard

Vice President Frank Langan PO ’11 continued the meeting by discussing a holdover from last semester—the possibility of sending text messages to Campus Safety instead of calling them when a student feels unsafe. After discussion with CUC Management, the idea was deemed unviable. Using ironic word choice, Langan declared, “Thus dies texting Campus Safety.” Thawley quickly chimed in, “They have no problems sending us text messages.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Associate Dean of Students Neil Gerard announced that a search firm to find his replacement would be on campus next Monday and Tuesday. He is currently looking into avenues for groups, including CCLA, the Senate, the fraternities, and others, to meet with the search committee. This marks the first time that Gerard has ever acknowledged the fraternities in a positive light.

Thanks for your car!

Environmental Affairs Commissioner Nate Wilairat PO ’11 introduced the idea of bringing Sim Ride, a ride sharing service, to the 5Cs. Not to be confused with ZipCar, Sim Ride provides students a forum on which to offer a ride to, say, Target, and allows other students to sign up to get in their car. “You could even charge people to bring them to Target!” Wilairat said enthusiastically (not that he’s been doing that to his friends for the past two years). This service could potentially replace Pomona’s current ride sharing service, but would result in increased annual costs for the program.

The Freshman Sensation

Up next, Rudy announced that after a strenuous search for the next ASPC Webmaster involving one candidate, he had decided that Joseph Long PO ’14 was the best fit for the position. Cheers erupted in the Senate, and rightfully so, given that Long famously created the wildly successful ourpomona website. In a subtle poke at a past ASPC Webmaster, Rudy praised Long, noting that he “likes to produce things that both look nice and work well.”


At the end of the meeting, Almeida brought up the issue of minutes. Given the Senate’s propensity to put off the minutes, Senate Advisor Ellie Ash joked, “We’ll be approving minutes for two hours during the last meeting.” Junior Class President Carrie Henderson PO ’12 suggested that they do it later, likely because she had three a cappella groups to lead and four lab reports to write for the next day. Only Senior Class President Meredith Willis PO ’11 had qualms with the minutes, offering two corrections: first, asking that they replace a “>” with a “-” and then clarifying that her “name is not Meredith Brooks.” After reluctantly accepting these changes, the Senate approved the minutes unanimously.

-Jeff Levere

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