Pomona’s New Dorms Set to Open in May

Pomona students are finally breathing a collective sigh of relief as the dust and dirt swirling around North Campus have settled to reveal two sleek and modern buildings, Sontag Hall and Building B, along with a spacious stretch of green. Every day, students walk by and eagerly peer through the buildings’ glass walls, hoping to catch a glimpse of what lies within.

Much of the buzz centers on room amenities and other perks that await the 150 students who will call these residence halls home. Project Manager Andrea Ramella explained that each room will have a full-sized bed, and each floor will have its own kitchen area and lounge equipped with a plasma TV. Members of a suite will share a communal apartment refrigerator, while individual refrigerators will be banned to promote environmental sustainability.

Ramella also explained that ceiling fans will adorn all the bedrooms and living rooms. Additionally, taking a cue from the other colleges, these state of the art residence halls will boast motion sensor air conditioning units that automatically turn off when windows are open.

Despite these new benefits, Housing Director Deanna Bos acknowledged that there will be a few downsides to the new residence halls. First, due to tighter security measures, residents can only access halls adjacent to the suites by using card readers.

“The architecture of the building lends it to different layers of security; there will be card readers for the floors and the suites as well,” Bos said. “It is similar to Clark III, where card readers are needed for every hallway.” However, Bos noted that all residents will be able to access Sontag’s rooftop garden.

Although Sontag Hall and Building B are officially scheduled to be completed at the end of this month, their doors will not be opened to students until May. The buildings will be part of the summer housing program for students who remain on campus for research or work. The new residence halls will be incorporated into the regular room draw at the end of this semester.

Next fall, students who live in these halls will have to undergo an informational orientation about the proper way to live in the new residence halls in order to ensure smooth functioning of the buildings and cohesive living. In addition, all students will be required to sign an agreement to follow the dorm rules.

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