Frank Brie?y Downgraded to B Health Rating

Frank Dining Hall was briefly downgraded to a B health rating after receiving an unexpected health inspection on Jan. 25. A follow-up inspection upgraded it back to an A on Jan. 31.

According to Assistant Director for Campus Services Margie McKenna, the dining halls can be docked ten points before getting downgraded to a B health rating.

“It was a bit unfortunate because we want to make sure everything is up to code and that we have a solid A, and I didn’t know there were things that needed to be done,” said McKenna. “We’ve only been self-operated for three weeks, so imagine our surprise.”

Frank was docked six points for storing sushi at a higher than allowable temperature. According to McKenna, an outside company had just delivered the sushi when the health inspector arrived. The health inspector determined that the sushi in the truck was above proper temperature and forced the dining hall to dispose of the over-heated sushi. Pomona has since switched to a different sushi company.

The health inspector docked Frank another four points for structural issues. According to McKenna, these included the improper location of a stainless steel panel and the moving of a book in the chemical room, among other minor issues.

“They were all structural things that have been in place for many years while Sodexo was here and we didn’t know they were against code because it’s been like that for a long time,” said McKenna. “[The inspector] asked us to fix those things. We took care of all of it and that’s why we have our A back.”

Frary and Oldenborg dining halls also had inspections on Jan. 25. While these dining halls also had minor structural issues, which Pomona is working to correct, both the health inspectors found them up to code and they received A health ratings.

McKenna did not know whether any Pomona dining hall had received a health rating lower than an A in the past.

The health inspector also required Pomona to fill out paperwork on Jan. 25 in order to obtain a permit to become self-operated instead of being listed as operated by Sodexo.

After its follow-up inspection on Jan. 31, Frank received an A rating that went into effect immediately.

“Everything he asked us to do, we’ve done,” said McKenna.

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