Pomona Work-Study Allotments Will Increase

The Pomona College Student Affairs Committee will make a number of changes to student employment on Pomona’s campus next year, according to Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum.

The changes were made by a working group consisting of Dean of the College Cecilia Conrad, VP for Planning Richard Fass, Director of Financial Aid Mary Booker, and Feldblum.

The biggest change, Feldblum said, will be a $100 increase in work allotments for every student.

However, Feldblum said this change will not guarantee work for students.

“[Allotments] set the caps of how much a student can expect to earn on campus if she or he successfully finds and accepts campus employment,” she said.“All student wage budgets are allocated to departments on campus.”

In addition to the allotment increase, employee supervisors will now be in charge of making requests for an allotment increase, which are currently made by the students themselves. These additional increases, Felblum said, are reserved for departments that have sufficient budget to cover the cost.

“Students sometimes may think that the money of the ‘allotments’ are attached to students, when the money is allocated to departments,” Feldblum said. “To make sure that the college stays within budget, the offices have to stay within budget.”

Feldblum added that students holding positions in which they earn more than their allotment are expected not to hold any other jobs.

“Students will not be granted allotment increases in order to work multiple jobs,” Feldblum said.

She said the motivation for this change was to avoid the confusion that students and employers faced regarding allotment increase requests this year.

“We hope that shifting the burden of requesting these allotment increases from students to supervisors will simplify the procedure for all concerned,” she said.

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