Fulbrights for Eleven Pomona Students

At least 11 Pomona College students have received Fulbright grants for the 2010-11 academic year, and two more are alternates.

The Fulbright Fellowship, created in 1948, is an award that provides students, scholars, and teachers grants to partake in international exchange to further peaceful international relations and interactions.

A majority of the recipients were awarded grants to become English Teaching Assistantships (ETAs), which fund recipients to teach English abroad.

“The ETAs have been growing—more and more have been offered each year,” said Paula Goldsmid, director of the Graduate Fellowships Office at Pomona.

Only about half of Pomona’s Fulbright applicants who made the first cut in January have heard back about their grants at this point in the year, Goldsmid said.

“Fulbright results trickle in all through spring and even summer,” she said.

Goldsmid added some applicants may not have reported their results to the college yet, so Pomona’s current Fulbright number could be even higher.

The following students have received research grants: Andrew Ayres, Germany; Augie Lageman, Poland; Sanna Herwald, Japan; Luke Lindeman, Nepal.

The following students have received ETA grants: Dante Benson, Taiwan; Dani Carillo, France; Yoon-Chan Kim, Korea, Joseph Frewer, Korea; Court Hoang, Vietnam; Patricia Ngyuen, Vietnam; Nate Gardner, Malaysia.

Two alternates hope to go to Canada and Mozambique.

All the recipients are graduating seniors.

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