ASPC Senate Briefs: April 9

04.06.2010 Début

The meeting began at 5:02 p.m., with the arrival of guest speaker Coach Charles Katsiaficas, Director of Athletic Facilities.

Faulty scoreboards to be fixed

Katsiaficas informed Senate that the scoreboard in Haldeman Pool, which frequently shows the wrong score, will be replaced this summer as part of the summer renovation of Haldeman. By water polo season, the scoreboard will be expected to show the correct score. The scoreboard located on the football field should also expect repair after a semester of giving the away team four points for every single point they scored.

Battle of the Bands Named After Administrators

A junior-senior social, “Slosh Aid,” was held on Thursday. Two bands played: “The Curious Case of Miriam Feldblum” and “The Foxtobies.” Instead of a DJ, the event planners must have found it funny to hire bands named after two senior administrators—Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum, and the President of Pomona College. Or perhaps it was just a coincidence.

Useful debate on amendment language

An amendment to the student handbook was passed detailing a systematic way for ASPC to lend paint materials to students who wish to paint Walker Wall. The language of the motion was discussed for twenty-five minutes. This included debates such a whether to use the phrase “may obtain” or “have the option of obtaining,” and whether to specify if the North Campus representative shall be contacted via email. In the end, the amendment was passed unanimously and now students can easily access paint materials from the North Campus representative.

Student Affairs Committee proposes change to alcohol policy

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) has proposed a change to the alcohol policy and the student-comment period is now open until Apr. 23. The change calls for a ban on drinking games “involving unsafe behavior or resulting in evident intoxication” instead of a ban on all drinking games. The proposed alteration to the alcohol policy also says students “may be subject to a fine” instead of “subject to a fine.” The addition of the word “may” is part of the rising question of what is to be fined and what it is not. Currently, students may be fined for propping a door, but not for breaking into a pool.


The meeting adjourned at exactly 6:11 in the evening.

-Nina Nirema

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