LaRouche Members Protest Outside Pomona’s Gates

Last week, two members of the political movement led by Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. tabled near Pomona’s gates to promote the movement’s latest initiative: the immediate impeachment of President Barack Obama.

Carrying large posters that showed Hitler’s famous toothbrush mustache superimposed on Obama’s face, the two members were purportedly handing out fliers and talking to student passers-by about the initiative.

According to Dean of Students Miriam Feldblum, the area in which the LaRouche supporters convened was public property and therefore not within the college’s jurisdiction. Supporters of the LaRouche movement frequently table in the village.

In LaRouche’s article, “Why Obama Must Be Impeached,” he says that, since the progress of “our republic” is and has been contingent on the advancement of technology and science, Obama’s plan to shut down NASA’s manned space flight necessitates his ouster.

The LaRouche movement also opposes Obama’s health care plans and many of his other policies.

The attack on Obama is only one of LaRouche and his followers’ many political campaigns over the years. LaRouche himself campaigned as a presidential candidate in eight elections from 1974 to 2004, and his movement has led controversial policy initiatives on a diverse range of subjects in countries all over the world.

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