Security Briefs

a victimless crime. …except for the car. …and it’s owner.11/15/2009; 11:47; CMCA student is in station to report a blue 2003 VW Passat had its rear passenger side window cracked while parked on 9th street near Wohlford. Nothing was stolen.i find shouting to be the most effective way to get parking instructions11/16/2009; 16:02; CUCA student reports that suspicious individuals are in the area of Boswell & Wohlford hall. The student was approached by a group of 3 males asking where they could park. The student kept walking and the individuals started shouting at her.flagrant party (bus) foul11/13/2009; 2:28; CMCA student reports that 7-8 male individuals are fighting in a parking lot on 6th and Mills. CPD receives a disturbance call as well, and an officer reports to the scene. The officer finds a CMC student who was attacked by approximately 5 people after he got off a party bus. The student has scrapes and bruises, but refuses medical attention.So now my thesis might be coming in a little late11/13/2009; 20:58; PTZA student banned from Pitzer College is seen on the North side of the Gold Center pool. CPD responds to the scene and arrests him for trespassing.but now I can’t play spider solitaire!11/10/2009; 11:33; PTZA MacBook Pro is stolen from a locked room in Bernardbut now i can’t check the huffington post!11/10/2009; 13:09; POMA 15 inch silver Mac laptop is reported stolen from a locked office at Seaver Theater.

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