ASPC Senate Briefs: November 17, 2009

November 17, 2009

The End of the WorldBefore the meeting had been called to order, Secretary Amy Li ’13 told ASPC President Jed Cullen ’10 that Commissioner of Communications Than Volk ’10 (which Li pronounced “Thon”) had not submitted a list of names of the people appointed to one of his committees. Cullen said he would “punish him appropriately.” Cullen then announced that Commissioner of Off-Campus Relations Hsuanwei Fan ’12 (which he pronounced “Swan-way”) would be absent. No punishment was mentioned—but, clearly, missing an ASPC Senate meeting is painful enough to teach him a lesson. North Campus Representative Stephanie Almeida ’11 pointed out that Li needed to add “and North Campus” to a section of the minutes regarding problems with acoustics in Gibson Hall.Turn and Face the StrangeAt 5:10 p.m., Cullen called the meeting to order, reversing his two-week trend of beginning the meeting one minute earlier. Cullen asked Almeida to propose the change mentioned above, but Li had already done so on the sly. Adviser Ellie Ash asked Li to make the section bigger. Associate Dean of Students Neil Gerard told Ash she should get closer to the screen. Li magnified the minutes. Cullen then asked what “food intolerance” signified. Almeida and Gerard then explained that it was a metaphor for allergies. Almeida then noted that she, too, had abstained from the vote to remove South Campus Representative Jeff Levere ’12 from the Student Affairs Committee. Vice President for Campus Activities Kayleigh Kaneshiro then noted that she was not on the Budget Planning Advisory Committee (BPAC), and that Li was probably confusing her with Vice President for Finance Kelly Schwartz ’10. The appropriate changes were made, and everyone was happy. After the minutes were inevitably and unanimously approved, Li pulled up a fancy new schedule with blue lines and gradients and circles and stuff.ASPC Gives Stuff AwayAfter Commissioner of Campus Community Relations Kim Hartung ’10 gave an update on the Committee on Campus Climate and Diversity and promoted this Saturday’s Community Action Summit, Schwartz congratulated Commissioner of Clubs and Sports Rylan Stewart ’10 for giving away free stuff last weekend. Moderate applause ensued. Gerard mentioned that he did not get any free stuff.No Soup for You!Levere then updated the Senate regarding the latest meeting of the Food Committee. He said the committee mainly discussed take-out containers, saying that the goal of the change had been to provide a uniform system across the 5Cs, but, because of some miscommunication, that clearly had not happened. They had discussed getting some CMC-sized containers, but Dean of Campus Life Ric Townes had said that would cost at least $10,000. Ultimately, the committee decided the change would not be worth the cost, and, consequently, proposed to the deans that the change not be made.Dictionaries Are CoolGerard said that one of the members of the groups he had worked with regarding the take-out containers had argued that if Pomona students were walking all the way off campus to get food, they probably would not just get take-out. North Campus Representative Stephanie Almeida ’11 pointed out that students take classes on other campuses, so they might go to their dining halls between classes. Gerard concluded that the former assumption was “erroneous.” Cullen corrected him, saying the assumption was not erroneous, it was just wrong.What is this?Almeida then updated the group on Senate Outreach efforts. She said the group had decided to make a handbook, plan some events with the Office of Campus Life, and hold events before and after the elections. These efforts, she said, would hopefully get more people involved in elections and ASPC in general. Fan and Stewart decided to start working on a Senate newsletter. Stewart promised that it would be “very simple” and would only require that senators put a little effort into documenting what they do—or perhaps making sure that they are doing something. He said his reasoning for developing the newsletter was that the Senate has no means of publicizing what it does to the student body. Or at least not through any avenue which anyone reads. Yup.No Laundry for You!Schwartz then asked Gerard about the Blackboard card-swiping system installed on campus over the summer. She said she had received many complaints from students who had put their laundry in the washer in the evening, but after 10:30 p.m. could not swipe in to use a dryer. Schwartz said she had contacted Bowen Close, director of the Sustainability Integration Office, to see if this had been part of a sustainability effort, but had been told it was not. Gerard said that on June 28 (the same day a military coup ousted Manuel Zelaya from the Honduran presidency) the Claremont University Consortium had switched from UNIX to the Blackboard system, and everything has gone downhill since then.Committee Talks About StuffBefore the meeting adjourned, Stewart asked Cullen if the Student Affairs Committee had finally met. Cullen responded that they had gotten together and “discushed” some stuff.So IntenseAt 5:30 p.m., Cullen adjourned the meeting, a mere 20 minutes after it began. But, clearly, 20 minutes in heaven are better than 19 minutes in heaven.

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