Security Briefs

No softball field for drunk stags

11/1/2009; 12:06; CMC

A staff member requests that an officer meet with her at the CMS softball field to file a vandalism report. Officer expresses concern and requests extra patrols from Saturday at noon to Sunday at noon.

Looooook oooooout!

11/1/2009; 1:01; HMC

A person reports that a four-foot spool was rolled towards Platt Blvd and damaged a vehicle. Reporting officers take photographs of the damage.

Theft: there’s an app for that

11.05.08 23:18; POM

A white iPhone is reported stolen from an unsecured Lawry common room.

But that’s the most important mirror!!!

11.05.08 23:28; CMC

A student reports that his vehicle’s side mirror was broken and flipped upwards. The 2000 BMW 328 car was parked at CMC apartments.

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