Claremont Climax: Kinky Hookup Spots

For many people, sex is the most intimate and personal act in their lives. Love is a prerequisite to lovemaking for many people, and even the more promiscuous among us probably think that sex is a fairly private thing. But instead of confining your sex life to the bedroom, there are plenty of places with varying degrees of privacy that can make hooking up particularly exhilarating. Some of these may be illegal, taboo, or hazardous, so proceed at your own discretion. Throughout this article I will assume that it is a heterosexual couple having sex, but feel free to modify my suggestions to fit your own situation.Showers are one of the most common places for people to spice up their sex lives, but this does take some level of creativity and flexibility. One option is for both partners to stand facing the same way, with the girl bent over and the guy thrusting from behind. Another is for the girl to “sit” pinned against a wall with her arms around the guy, and with the guy supporting her weight and thrusting.A friend of mine recently took a shower with a partner. They didn’t have intercourse, but he shaved her pubic hair. Although she was just barely compliant, he seemed to consider shaving her a very erotic act. I think this crosses the line between shower sex and daily shower routine, but some people really enjoy it. Lots of couples enjoy scrubbing each other too.Although I think shower sex is terribly enticing and even romantic, having to give a shower blow job closely resembles waterboarding, which happens to be the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation technique” of choice.One of my personal goals is to join the mile high club. I always envisioned airplane sex as squeezing into the bathroom and deforming myself into positions that would impress my great aunt, the contortionist. But a friend of mine did the deed on the seats of the airplane because he had a row to himself. He was on an overnight international flight and most of the passengers were sleeping, so nobody noticed when a girl climbed onto his lap and started riding. Although he doesn’t describe the experience with the pride one might expect from such an accomplishment, he had fun.Hammocks are another comfortable but novel option for hookups. Hammocks have finally made a comeback on Pitzer’s campus after being removed for this very reason a few years back. I won’t endorse hookups on the hammocks because I enjoy their presence on campus, but we all know it happens.Car sex is a pretty steamy act; I’m sure you’ve seen depictions of fogged-up windows. Front seat or back seat, either way you should be able to find a position that is mutually stimulating. I know girls whose favorite sexual act is “riding” in the passenger seat of a parked car. My only piece of advice is to make sure your cell phone is on the dashboard. Because if it’s under the seat and gets pushed, your phone may or may not call a few random numbers from your contacts, including your uncle’s fiancé and your mom.There is also, of course, the infamous “road head,” where a guy is driving while receiving oral sex. The dangers range from distraction to dismemberment. I would not like to be the guy whose penis is bitten off when the car crashes, nor would I like to be the girl who finds a penis lodged in her throat as the result of an accident. But road head is common and offers a bit more privacy than you’d expect from something taking place in a totally public place.The darkroom at my high school was a popular spot for teenage sweethearts to hook up. Students had to knock before coming in either door so as not to let in any light. The knocking gave the lovebirds just enough time to get dressed and get back to their art.A friend of mine suggests hooking up on top of water towers. He said the thrill of being so far up makes the sex that much more exciting. It’s probably illegal and definitely risky, but it’s also a fairly private and kinky place to do it.Dressing rooms are another fun and pseudo-public place to hook up. They’re private in the sense that you’re behind a curtain or closed door, but there is almost never a sound barrier between you and everyone else. It’s not uncommon for high-end retailers to have camera surveillance of dressing rooms, but maybe voyeurism is your thing. Many stores forbid people to go into dressing rooms together for exactly this reason. I’ve had two experiences with dressing room hookups. The first time was in Forever 21 with a bisexual friend of mine. JET was playing and she came into my room and made the move. The second time, I was serviced in a fancy department store. One of the classiest O’s I’ve experienced.Here are some other places to liven up your love life. Hopefully something will spark your interest. And if you can’t find something you like here, Ludacris may be able to help you find out “What’s Your Fantasy.”In the wilderness: tent, canoe, tree house, forest.In parks: ferris wheel, park bench, pool, jacuzzi, diving board.On campus: pool table, the outback field at Pitzer, ampitheater, public bathroom, study room, rooftop, library.In your house: parents’ bed, kitchen table, couch, patio.Please send your sex questions and comments

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