Claremont Climax: October 2

Claremont Climax ChallengeWe all have goals and, if you’re like us, around 95 percent of those goals involve 20+ vaginas (AWESOME). Sexual goals—or perhaps more specifically sexual quests—provide us with a fun, (and generally, but not always) free way to entertain ourselves or test our sexual mettle.The (in)famous 5-C Challenge is often the first quest that comes to mind, though very few people have managed to bed a student from each of the five colleges over the course of their four years of “education.” This challenge takes on many incarnations: for some of us, it’s making out with one student from each college over the course of one night, or one weekend. The general consensus, however, is that the true 5-C Challenge requires an individual to have sex with someone from each of the five colleges. Whatever your personal goal, there are a couple of obvious stumbling blocks. Many men expressed concern over the difficulty (or desirability) of completing the entire challenge due to the shortage of “hot chicks” at Harvey Mudd.For heterosexual girls or homosexual guys, the decision whether or not to hook up with a Scripps student can become a conundrum. The bad news: there really are no exceptions to completing the 5-C Challenge. Either you hook up with someone from each college in whatever facet of the word you are comfortable with, or you don’t. The good news: the only real merit to doing so is bragging rights (and maybe chlamydia). Hopefully you’ve accomplished more important things in your college career. One Claremont McKenna grad bragged that he’d had sex with someone from each of the 5Cs in one semester. A lesser known campus quest is the “Keck Challenge.” It requires that you hookup with someone from each of the joint-science schools: Pitzer, Scripps, and CMC.If you choose to participate in the 5-C Challenge, it’s good to keep a couple things in mind:1) You are hooking up with a person first and foremost. Their college should not be the most important factor in your decision, unless you’ve bet money on it.2) Perseverance, Perseverance, Perseverance: Have you been rejected 20 times? 40 times? Still less than half my weekly average.The fact remains that most of us are just trying to get a piece, and aren’t really willing to discriminate on the basis of what college our prey attends. That being said, there are a lot of situations in which we do consider it sexier to be from a particular place; for example, women tend to think British men (and foreigners in general) have a certain exotic sex appeal.While some go off on these sexcapades, a great deal of students are in serious relationships—some even have plans to get married. In a particular hall in Pitzer’s Holden dorm, in fact, there are four sets of couples. After a frenzied freshman year of drunken hook-ups, some students are settling into long-term relationships.Our research leads us to conclude that although the 5-C Challenge is a fairly recent phenomenon—most likely originated within the last decade—random hook-ups and inter-college dating are not.The dating scene at the Claremont Colleges probably changed more dramatically between the 1950s and late 1960s than it has since. When “Human Sexuality” Professor Robert Bolton PO ’61 was in college, there was a lot less sex on campus. Dorms were segregated by gender, and women had curfews. CMC stood for Claremont Men’s College. Pitzer wasn’t founded until 1963, and was a women’s college until 1970. It wasn’t unusual for guys to give their girlfriends a class ring as a sign of commitment.Before McConnell dining hall was built on Pitzer’s campus, Pitzer students could either dine at HMC or CMC. According to a Pitzer alum, “to eat at CMC, women had to wear skirts.”Thursday Night Club, more commonly known as TNC, has a history that dates back to the 1960s and 1970s. The weekly event, then dubbed “Hubdingers,” took place near The Hub on CMC’s North Quad. People would drink beer before the party and come to dance (a true rarity at college parties). It was a venue for hookups, just like TNC is today.By the late 1960s, casual sex was not uncommon on campus. Women from Scripps and Pitzer tended to date men from CMC and Harvey Mudd. It wasn’t until 1976 that CMC became co-ed, and was renamed Claremont McKenna College just several years after that.When CMC men became engaged to Scripps women, the tradition was to throw them in Seal Pond in Seal Court outside The Motley. Marriage to other Claremont college students was commonplace.Nationally recognized sexpert Guli Fager, who attended Scripps for a year before transferring out, recounted campus dating and sex experiences similar to our experience today. Pomona and CMC guys were appealing hookups, “but if you wanted a boyfriend, Mudd was the place to look,” she said. Now a sexual health facilitator at the University of Texas at Austin, Fager was inspired by Bolton’s “Human Sexuality” course to pursue advanced studies in the subject.We know the real reason you came to read our column again is that you want some semen myths busted. It is true that the taste of semen depends on diet. While few would describe vegetarian semen as “delicious,” it is true that vegetarians tend to have less funky spunk than their meat-eating counterparts. It’s also true that sweet things tend to make semen taste better. Diet can taint the taste of semen just like it does for other bodily secretions, such as sweat and urine. Although protein is one component of semen, don’t let someone trick you into a blowjob for nutrition’s sake.Here are some other fun facts about semen:-Sperm and semen are not synonymous. In fact sperm only makes up one percent of seminal fluid. -Studies have shown that semen may have antidepressant properties.-Some people are allergic to semen.-Julia would also like to interject that Stephan is a soon-to-be Seaman, because he’s going to spend next semester at sea.

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