Let Go of Sex Labels

My dear readers,

As the semester comes to a close, so does my college
experience and time writing to you as C. Frisky. Over the course of these four years, my perceptions of sexuality have expanded, exploded, and reformed themselves.
With sexual experiences that have blown my mind and left me breathless came new
identities that shifted as I discovered the truly fluid nature of relationships
and sexuality. My heart has been broken and mended as I have grappled with what
it means to be “casual,” and yet there are still aspects of modern hook-up
culture that I will probably never understand. This year, I have written about
my experiences with threesomes, BDSM, public sex, and how to effectively have
sex in a residence hall (to name a few). As this is my last column as C. Frisky, I want to
share with you some lessons I have learned.

Whether you’re engaging in “casual” sex, navigating
relationships that were never “meant” to happen, or masturbating while your
roommate is in class, I wish you the most pleasurable experience here at the

To my fellow graduating seniors, may you keep sexploring wherever you end

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