Hometown Hookups: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With spring break quickly
approaching, I find myself calling old high school friends I haven’t spoken to
in months and even making plans for awkward coffee dates with my exes. When it comes down to it, “relaxing at home” can get old after a few

When I called my best friend to talk about break plans, the first thing
she asked me was, “Who do you think you’ll hook up with?” I have absolutely no
idea if sex is in the cards for this break, but it got me thinking about the
options we as college students have at home for casual sex. Should that be
something we’re looking for?

First, there are the classic high
school crushes. These are the people whose names you wrote over and over again in
your Spanish notebook, and who had the ability to make your stomach turn with
one simple Bieber-esque flip of the hair. But they were too cool for you,
and would spread horrible rumors if they ever knew that you kept all of their
text messages locked on your flip phone. 

Now, however, the tables have turned.
You go to an esteemed college, you’re interesting, and the things that made you
uncool in high school are suddenly irrelevant. If everyone will be out at the
same bar anyway, why not go for it? What have you got to lose?

Then, there are the friends who have always been some sort of a hypothetical. Yes, they were hot in high school, but
you used to talk about the aforementioned crush together a bit too often and
you didn’t want to ruin anything. They flirt with you sometimes when you come
home for longer breaks, but besides that, you don’t really keep in touch. 

sex really ruin anything now? You have just enough of a history to keep things
comfortable and fun, but the fact that this “baby crush,” shall we say, has
been forming for several years now leaves an element of mystery. Besides,
spring break is a week long, and it will be a couple of months until you see
them again, which is plenty of time for awkward tension to dissipate.

Next, there are the kids from your
hometown whom you never got the chance to know. They probably went to a rival
high school, or ate lunch by the bleachers while you sat in the cafeteria.
These people are usually met in bars or at parties of mutual friends. With this
one you have to be somewhat careful—just because you have never seen
them before in your life doesn’t mean that you don’t have a mutual friend who
will suddenly be inviting them everywhere.

There are also your friends’ new buds from college who visit for a weekend. This, in my opinion, is the safest
bet if you’re inclined to awkwardness and want to keep things strictly casual
(whatever that means). Chances are, you trust your friends’ judgment, and they
can give you any backstory that might be necessary before going forward with
the hookup. You don’t have to see this person ever again if the sex is bad,
but if you do, there’s another excuse to visit a friend later in the school

Of course
there are always the exes, but ex sex might just be a topic for another column
completely. Now that you have some options, there is only one problem: Where
are you going to do it? You can resort to bathrooms, cars, laundry rooms, etc.
(as mentioned in my previous column). Wait for your parents to go to work or,
if you have to, settle on the great outdoors. Hooking up with friends or
friends of friends who stayed in your hometown after graduating from high school
does have its perks, as people are more likely to have their own houses or

Whether it
is summer, winter break, or midway through the semester, I hope your time at
home is as sexy as ever!

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