Tease Your Way to the Top

Hello, my freaky darlings. The lovely Tippy Maple has invited me to be a guest writer for this column, and as Tasty Temptations, your previous sex advice guru, I simply could not pass up such a generous offer. So without further ado, let us commence.

“Why are you such a tease?!”

I have heard this accusation from more than a few friends. In spreading word about my sexcapades, my confidants often question my “cruel” tactics. They accuse me of being selfish, manipulative, and superhuman for not succumbing to my partner’s and my sexual desires all at once. Apparently “Thou shalt not be a tease” is the unspoken 11th Commandment.

Well, I am here to reclaim the word “tease” as something positive. There is nothing wrong with being a tease. You’re not a horrible person just because you don’t give someone full VIP access to your downtown bonanza. In fact, teasing can be a great way to build suspense to a scrumptious climax. Gyrating on the dance floor with a bit of lip-locking can be a great way to plant the seeds for future sexy encounters. By giving them just a taste, you get their mouths watering for the whole meal. Following up this steamy encounter with a “We should do this again sometime” and a sultry look can get their loins lusting and their hearts racing for what is yet to come.

As you proceed in your interactions with your potential partners, you will find that teasing keeps those initial sparks flying. By using small, everyday interactions to let your partners know you want them, you maintain interest by instilling a sense of mystery. They don’t know what lies on the other side, but by sending them sexy smiles from across the room, walking them to class, or flirting with them in general, they are sure to want to find out. 

As you go about your teasing, you will find it becomes more of a personal challenge as you begin to feel the urge to rip off each other’s clothes and make hot, freaky love on whatever surface you happen to land on. But remember, good things come to those who wait. Tease yourself a bit. Stop yourself from giving in all the way. During one of your sexy encounters, stop at over-the-clothes stimulation. During a subsequent encounter, up the ante with some tantalizing skin-to-skin touches. Building the suspense makes those initial sparks grow into a raging inferno. Stoke this fire as much as you can until you simply boil over from the heat. After this crescendo of suggestive winks, touches, and make-out sessions, giving into each other’s delicious desires yields a climax of epic proportions.

Being a tease isn’t a bad thing. In fact, knowing how to effectively tease to build suspense should be a skill one proudly displays on a séxumé. It’s a great way to get your partner wanting more. Furthermore, it builds a tremendous amount of respect for one another’s boundaries, which is always a must in any sort of sexual encounter. So, given all these benefits of being a tasty tease, let us reclaim the term as something sexy and full of pleasurable possibilities.

Stay Sexy,

Tasty Temptations

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