Sex Column: Sexy Can I?

For this week’s column, I am accompanied by the stimulating presence of my delicious colleague, Cunning Linguist. As a connoisseur of music, Cunning Linguist approached me, suggesting we collaborate on a column discussing the tantalizing art of love-making music because, as we know, the best music is the music we can make love to.

Music is like a good conversation: You need a good hook to spark initial interest. As any loyal reader of mine knows, you never skip foreplay. Thus, why would you skip foreplay music? It is essential that before one gets to bumping uglies, one must obtain consent. What better way to set the mood than by spinning a saucy little number by Usher called “Lemme See?” It truly epitomizes your desire to see your partner in a new light.

Upon obtaining your partner’s enthusiastic consent, show your partner how amazing you want to make them feel. Pamper them. Please them. Make them forget all the stress and frustration of their day. And while you are releasing their stress in ways previously unimaginable, let your sexy time playlist roll right into “Sex Therapy” by Robin Thicke. With a voice like honey and lyrics to make your toes curl, this little number will definitely get anyone in the mood for a long session of therapy.

As things heat up, bring out the kinky side. Take the advice of Kelly Rowland and bust out “Ice” to send chills up and down your partner’s spine. As always, never be afraid to include a well-timed ice cube in the mix.

Another salacious way to embrace the erotic is to get vocal. Let “Dirty Talk” by Wynter Gordon inspire you to use your voice to bring your partner to new heights. Furthermore, “Dirty Talk” has some tasteful suggestions on how to stimulate your palate along with your naughty nether regions.

Once things are ignited and the fire is burning hot, it is time to ride your partner like a rodeo bull. Put on “Ride” by Ciara to embrace your inner ranch hand and work your partner like a long day on the prairie. As things become a little too much to handle in silence, bust out “Neighbors Know My Name” by Trey Songz in attempt to cover up the good vibrations of your vocal chords. As you approach the pleasurable point of no return, make it known that they aren’t messing with a novice. Play “I Invented Sex” by Usher and Keri Hilson to make them believe you were the one who invented the freaky-nasty.

As with all things sexy, tailor your sexy time playlist to your desires and your partner’s. Some may want something a little sweeter while others may prefer something a little kinkier. One way or another, we all want some sultry songs to ignite our sexy adventures.

Love and Kisses,

Tasty Temptations & Cunning Linguist

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