Sex Column: My Little Metal Secret

Piercings are fun. They can be sexy, cute and sometimes valuable accessories in completing a certain look. You have a plethora of rings, studs and bars to put through them, giving you the artistic freedom to use your body to express yourself.

But they’re not just for expressing yourself artistically. Piercings can also be used to increase physical pleasure. How, you ask? Why, by piercing your genitals of course!

Now before you snap your legs shut faster than a Venus flytrap, hear me out. Genital piercings are not as painful as you may think. Obviously some hurt more than others, but some have been rated to be only as painful as earlobe piercings.

Furthermore, genital piercings are not all that uncommon. Many piercers have pierced the genitals of more people than you can imagine. The fact that there is a market specifically for genital piercers speaks for itself. So, don’t think that you will be a freak if you decide to glam it up where the sun doesn’t shine.

Finally, once your bedazzlement is all healed up, many piercings increase sexual pleasure. That’s right—a small metal bar, ring or ball could help you and your partner(s) get your rocks off like never before.

There are several piercings known to increase pleasure. I will first begin with piercing options available for female-bodied individuals. Kitty rings refer to any piercing on the vulva or clitoris.

There is a whole slew of ways that one can become “va-jazzled.” One popular way is the vertical clitoral-hood piercing. This piercing goes through the clitoral hood and rests vertically on the clitoris itself. Piercees can choose from a wide array of bars, rings and balls to use in this piercing, depending on how much clitoral stimulation they want it to provide. This piercing tends to heal in one to four weeks and is said to hurt as much as an earlobe piercing.

Other kitty ring options include the piercing of the labia majora and/or labia minora. Often, these piercings happen in pairs and tend to be more aesthetic than anything else. However, some piercees have reported feeling some increased pleasure as a result of their piercing. Other options include the Triangle, the Forchette and the Princess Diana.

The piercing options for our male-bodied individuals include the Prince Albert. This notorious piercing goes through at the base of the glans and runs out through the urethra. Because of the nature of this piercing, many piercees report that they have to sit when they urinate to control the stream of urine. Furthermore, some partners may find this piercing uncomfortable since it is easy for this piercing to get caught on teeth.

A more pleasurable option is getting the Dydoe piercing, which is the piercing of just the glans of the penis. Although strictly reserved for circumcised individuals, it brings a lot of pleasure since the piercing hits the G-spot (in both male-bodied and female-bodied people) and is rumored to even replace the pleasure lost by circumcision. Other options for male-bodied genital piercings include the frenum piercing, the Apadravya and Hafada piercing.

If you are interested in getting a piercing done down there, be sure your piercer is experienced in the area and be sure to discuss your options thoroughly. If you’re worried about what people may say, remember this: It will be your little metal secret.

Throw some glitter and make it rain,

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