Sex Column: Eat In

If there is one thing I like more than sex, it’s food.

Food is amazing. As a college student, I feel I truly appreciate the essence of a late-night snack to keep the juices flowing. In addition, food and sex actually have a lot in common. They are both delicious, satisfying and, for many, stress-relieving. So let’s explore the ways we can combine these two tantalizing treats.

Food is not just for the dining halls. Bring your meal to the bedroom, and use your partner’s body as the plate.

Start your meal not with a glass of water, but with an ice cube. Take an ice cube in your mouth and bring your partner to an icy hot heaven. Go south of the border, and you will unleash a world of pleasure onto your partner. The contrast between the warmth of your mouth and the ice cube will blow your partner’s mind. Or let the ice cube drip water onto your partner’s nipples or clitoris. The icy cold water falling on your partner’s steamy body will elicit some scrumptious sensations.

After you have quenched your thirst, skip the main course and go straight to the dessert bar. Grab some chocolate syrup and drizzle it on your partner to turn them into a chocolatey dessert. Then lick them clean until there is not a drop left.

If chocolate isn’t your cup of tea, take a lesson from Winnie the Pooh and bust out the honey to make your honey sweet as sugar. Even though this can be sticky, you can use this predicament to your advantage and keep the good times rolling right into the shower.

For those of you who have a real sweet tooth, hit up your local sex shop and invest in some lip-smacking lingerie. Remember those candy bracelets we used to eat as kids? Well, like us, those bracelets have done some growing up. They have grown into edible panties, banana hammocks and bras. Tease your partner as you bite off each piece of candy until there is nothing left. Are you a fan of gummy bears? Invest in a gummy bra that your partner will be ecstatic to undo with their teeth.

Once you have your plate stacked high with some delicious desserts, top it off with some whipped cream to truly see how teamwork makes the cream work. Better yet, have your partner wield the nozzle and have them cream up everywhere they want you to eat it up.

Get creative with it. Use the whipped cream to draw arrows on your body pointing to where you want your partner to go next. You can even create mounds of pleasure topped with a cherry that will have your partner going crazy for your snow-capped Himalayas.

Although food can be fun, do exercise some caution in your culinary sexcapades. Be wary that putting sugary substances in the vagina can cause some not-so-delicious infections. Be sure to keep the sugary treats (like honey) away from nature’s tufted garden to ensure that nothing goes wrong. However, with a little practice, you’ll find yourself turning your partner into the most appetizing of meals.

Bon appétit,

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