Sex Column: Tech Me Harder

College students are go-getters. We are always out and about tackling internships, studying abroad and being all-around bad-asses. While we are doing our thing, we tend to meet some incredibly sexy people. As horny college students, we can’t help but explore these amazing people, inside and out. Unfortunately, often opportunity calls, and we are forced to be separated from our lusty lovers, despite having a great connection. Whatever shall we do? Give up? Drop all contact? Why, no! We tech it up!

We are lucky to live in an age where we are surrounded by technology. Keeping “in contact” with our lovers is easier than ever. Granted, the transition from a bed-breaking mattress mambo to sex via technology can be a little awkward at first. But given a few minutes, anyone can become a weapon of mass seduction. 

Although most people equate tech sex with phone sex, I personally recommend Skype sex. From cell phones to laptops to tablets, so much of our technology has a camera and Internet capabilities. Embrace technology and use it to your advantage. 

While chatting with your lover, assume a position that suggests you’re feeling extra lonely tonight. Just like in real life, seduce them with foreplay. Give them a nice view of your cleavage. Just happen to “forget to put a shirt on” and show off those pecs and sexy abs. Trust me. They’ll get the hint. Don’t be afraid to pan the camera south of the border. Play a little game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” If you begin to diddle yourself on cam, be vocal about it. 

Even if you’re not usually vocal, make the effort to make some noise (unless you’re into the whole “we might get caught” thing). This is important because you’re not there with them physically. Furthermore, talk dirty. Talk raunchy. Use your words to undress your partner. Tell them what you’re going to do to them and be specific. Don’t just say, “I’m going to go down on you.” Tell them how long you’ll be doing it, at what angle, and how many licks, sucks and nibbles you’ll be giving.

Remember: your words are standing in for your body so you have to make them count. You need to paint a picture so vivid in your partner’s mind that they can’t help but remember how great you make them feel in person.

Another great way to keep things spicy at a distance is sending naughty texts and/or emails. Type out all the delicious things you want to do to your partner. What’s great about this is that you can edit what you say until it reads like one of those naughty romance novels. 

Furthermore, take some sexy pictures of yourself. Start off your partner’s day with a picture of yourself fully clothed and as the day goes on, progressively send them sexier pictures. As your partner goes about their day, they will constantly think of you, getting more riled up until they can’t help but pleasure themselves. This is also a great way to build suspense to a Skype or phone sex session. By the time you get to Skype they will be ready to go!

Long-distance relationships obviously take a lot more than just awesome long-distance sex. They take a lot of work, dedication and communication. Nonetheless, a steamy sex life is also necessary. Just because you can’t touch each other anymore doesn’t mean you have to be celibate. Embrace technology and use it to your advantage (and horniness). However, be careful when doing so. If sending pictures of your downtown bonanza, do your best to crop your face out of the picture. Even if you trust the person, you never know whose hands a picture can land in. 

With that in mind, go at it. Show your baby they make you feel good and tech sex it up!

Happy Teching,

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