The Big O

“Enlightening.” “Release.” Enthralling.” “Freaking awesome.” “Best ride of my life.”

All of these have been used to describe one thing. No, I am not talking about your favorite ride at Six Flags. The ride I’m talking about is one that is loads better than anything at Six Flags. Folks, I’m talking about the Big O. The climax. The orgasm.

The orgasm, defined scientifically, is a sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension during the sexual response cycle, resulting in muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by an intense sensation of pleasure. Clearly, this definition does not capture the whole picture. Orgasms are, well, orgasmic. Your body tingles as you gasp for breath. The titillating tension that builds throughout all the frisky fondling is finally released. Your downtown bonanza goes from a quiet ghost town to New Orleans on Fat Tuesday. 

However, for something that feels so enthralling, there is a lot of mystery shrouding this tasty treat. For one, many believe that for male-bodied individuals, it is impossible to orgasm more than one time. Let me tell you that this is simply not true. Although not as common as in female-bodied individuals, climaxing multiple times is definitely possible. In most cases, it requires a “rearousal” period, but our male-bodied lovers, especially at a young age, can indeed fire, recock and go for round two. And three. And four.

Stimulating our phallic friends to a glorious finish does not necessarily require playing the skin flute. One can bring about a very happy ending by taking a detour to the prostate. Located two inches up from the anus on the anterior wall of the anal canal, the prostate is in charge of producing seminal fluid; however, it is also the center of many nerve endings. Thus, with a little stimulation with a finger or prostate massager, one can ring that bell loud and proud.

Of all the misconceptions that exist, one surrounding the female orgasm takes the cake. There is a pervasive belief that some female-bodied individuals cannot reach orgasm or that it is an excessive amount of work to do so. This is not true. Our female-bodied lovers can get their rocks off just as easily as their male-bodied counterparts, as long as they are given the right stimulation to do so. Despite common belief, few female-bodied individuals reach orgasm via vaginal penetration: in fact, most reach orgasm via clitoral stimulation. So, if you wanna ring the bell… RING THE DAMN BELL. Don’t be knocking on the door expecting someone to answer.

However, the key to a satisfying orgasm for all genders is to know yourself. The first person you should do is you. If you don’t know what feels good to you, how do you expect a partner to know? Furthermore, by having past experience with orgasms, you will be calmer when doing the mattress mambo with a partner since you will know exactly how you will react when you strike that finishing move. So go ahead: spoil yourself a little with the cheapest and sexiest thing we as humans know how to do.

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