Sex Column: A Hairy Situation

Before we
bust out our razors and make our salon appointments, let’s schmooze about body
hair. First of all, if you have it, you’re not an ape that evolution left behind!
It’s perfectly normal. In addition, what you do with it is YOUR decision: keep
it, get rid of it, braid it… put a weave in it for all I care! However, despite
being natural, society pressures us to think body hair is not normal. Go to any
mall and look at the models in the shop windows: they are hairless. I know how
it feels to look at those models and think, “Well damn, I haven’t been that
smooth since I was born! Should I be like that?” To make it worse, swimwear
seems to get smaller every year. Sometimes I wonder how any normal person could
wear a bikini or speedo without having the whole world admire their love rug.
For those who wear trunks, the pressure to have a clean-shaven chest and back
can be overwhelming. And despite its misleading name, society doesn’t seem too
ecstatic about happy trails either.  

The biggest
source of pressure to go bare beaver is porn. A lot of porn exhibits
actors and actresses that are barer than the Sahara. Playboy and Playgirl, two
major sources of porn in America, almost always exhibit models with clean
nether-regions. As a result, we feel pressure to be just like them. Sayings
like, “I don’t want to floss when I go down on you!” only perpetuate the
pressure to be clean-shaven.

So, what do
we do?

If you have body hair and don’t want to remove it, never fear: you
are as sexy as ever. In fact, there are people who find body hair attractive.
Whether it’s because it makes them feel mature or they like the feeling of
it on their partner, body hair is sexy, too.

There are also many who, frankly,
don’t give a damn. Whether body hair is there or not really doesn’t matter to

For those who have body hair and wish to remove it, please do so for the
right reasons. Don’t do it because your partner demands it of you. If your
partner is consistently pressuring you to remove your body hair for whatever
reason, have a serious sit-down with them. Your body hair is part of your body
and if they have a problem with that, it’s on them. Also, remember that body
hair removal doesn’t always mean shaving or waxing: trimming the hedges often
works out nicely for people.

If you do decide to shave Nature’s Tufted Garden
or any other part of your body, go with the grain of the hair. Going against
the grain will lead to razor bumps which can look alarming in certain regions
of the body, if you catch my drift. If you decide to get waxed, be sure to go to
a reputable salon. Talk with whomever is doing your wax to find out which wax
(there are tons!) works best for your skin type and/or hair-removal situation. Although taking a pain reliever (Advil, Tylenol) before
waxing can dull the pain, it also causes your blood to thin, which can lead to increased and sustained
bleeding during and after the procedure. Instead, use a topical ointment like Oragel
to numb the area before waxing.

When it comes
down to it, what you do with your body hair is up to you.
Just as you style the hair on your head, you can style your body hair. Don’t
let anyone dictate what you do with it. Whether you like to be smooth, hairy or
somewhere in between, just work it. Sex is more than just a bit of fur here and

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future sex columns, e-mail me at

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