Sex Column: The Kitty Cat

Do me a favor: think about vaginas for one minute. Think about everything you know about them. How they work. How they look. Chances are that your train of thought didn’t last too long. Don’t worry—you’re not alone. The vagina is an enigma to many of us. However, this leads to a lot of misinformation that can lead to worrying over petty differences and lousy sex. So I thought a crash course in Vulva 101 would do us all some good.

Let’s begin with a little clarification. Often, when people refer to the vagina, they really mean the vulva. The vagina itself is only a small opening within the vulva, which also consists of the labia, clitoris and perineum, among other things. Covering the vulva are the touch- and pressure-sensitive labia majora and labia minora. The labia majora are the fleshier, thicker lips that cover the entire vulva. Within these lips lie the labia minora. Now, there is quite a bit of controversy regarding these luscious lips. Often in porn, women have labia
tucked tighter than Joan Rivers’s face. This has caused many vulva owners to be concerned about how far their labia minora hang down. In some, they are tucked up within the labia majora. In others they hang down past the labia majora. Others are concerned about asymmetrical labia. However, none of these things are abnormal or damaging to your health. Neither hanging nor asymmetrical labia will affect your sex life, either. You can orgasm just as well as someone with symmetrical and tucked-in labia. Remember, porn is never a good representation of what happens in the bedroom. These people get paid to get laid, while most of us just do it for fun. So whatever unique type of labia you and/or your partner(s) may possess…please enjoy!

Once we get past the labia, we can find a buried treasure. I am not talking about the vagina itself. Nope, I am talking about the one and only clitoris. This tiny structure is the source of mass pleasure for many vagina-owners. Eight thousand nerve endings are packed into this 3.5-mm space. When you take into consideration that the entire penis has 4,000 nerve endings, you realize this is indeed an impressive feat. It also makes you think of the amount of toe-curling ringing this bell can cause. The clitoris is the epicenter of orgasms: about 70 percent of vaginal orgasms in women result from clitoral stimulation. However, we must not forget about the giddy G-spot. Located inside the vagina itself on the anterior wall, it is thought that the G-spot is actually where the internal structures of the clitoris run against the vaginal wall. Thus, by applying pressure to this area during penetrative sex, one can ring in a lovely orgasm.

Your vulva is more than meets the eye. It is a place of recreation with a design hailed by many. However, for best results, one must read the owner’s manual. Knowing how everything works and fits together can keep things running smoothly. Taking these few things into consideration can help you enrich both your sex life and your overall experience with your precious kitty cat.

Hope this helps all my vagina owners and lovers!

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