Sex Column: Running the Bases

It’s no unknown
fact that America’s favorite pastime is baseball. As a result, it’s also no surprise
to see that America’s favorite pastime has encroached upon its second favorite
pastime: sex. We’ve all heard about the infamous “bases.” Our “base system” has
proven to be an effective and cheeky way of communicating to one another how much we do in bed. Similar to actual baseball, I have noticed a
tremendous fascination with “hitting home runs.” In baseball, this is great. However, this is NOT the case with sex. Unlike in baseball, spending plenty of time on every base is the name of the game when it comes to getting freaky. That’s right, people. Foreplay is no joke.

starts out on first base: kissing. I know some of you may be saying, “I’m not
in middle school, kissing isn’t doing anything for me or my partner!” This is
where I tell you that you’re wrong. Kissing is the first step of seducing the
sexy beast of your choice. Furthermore, there is more science to kissing than
you may think. Kissing allows testosterone present in saliva to pass from one
partner to the next, which stimulates the receiving partner’s sex drive.
Kissing doesn’t have to end with your lips, either. If you really mean
business, give your tongue some action, too. Nibble on your partner’s bottom
lip. Even better, stray from your partner’s lips. Kiss their neck and
nibble on their earlobes. Earlobes are notorious erogenous zones that can take
you from, “You’re so cute,” to “DO ME NOW!”

When you
and your partner are feeling as frisky as kissing can make you, it’s time to
visit second base: touching. Let your hands explore your partner’s body. Play with the seam of their pants. Dance your fingers down their
spine. Make them crave more. As your clothes
start coming off, let those hands spread warmth to the nether regions. Never underestimate the power of manual stimulation. This
is especially true if your partner has a clitoris. That’s right—it’s time to
pet the kitten. And don’t be cheap about it. For many, it
is easier to orgasm via clitoral stimulation than it is from penetration alone.
However, you can use your fingers to fiddle your partner’s vagina as well.
Located one to two inches up on the front vaginal wall is the “G” spot. It is
composed of rough-feeling erectile tissue that becomes engorged with blood during
stimulation. Find that buried treasure and you’ll make that kitty roar. Stimulate
both of these spots and you’ll be sure to make her wetter
than the Amazon. 

If your partner has a penis, don’t leave it lonely. And don’t forget the testicles. Testicles are a great place to
tickle while getting your partner riled up. In addition, a little-known spot of
intense pleasure is the perineum, or taint. The perineum is the spot between your
partner’s testicles and anus. This place is laden with nerve endings and
rubbing it gently can stimulate your partner’s prostate, the male “G” spot. 

never forget those nipples. Nipples have countless nerve endings
that can give rise to truly titillating sensations for men and women alike.

Once your
hands have done all they can, it’s time to run over to third base: oral sex.
Penis and vagina alike quiver in ecstasy at the though of being tickled by a
tongue. If your partner has a vagina, once more, make sure you don’t skip out
on clitoral stimulation. Furthermore, use your lips to stimulate her lips… and
not the ones on her face. If your partner has a penis, pretend it’s your
favorite Popsicle and go to town. If your partner isn’t circumcised, pull back their
foreskin and use your tongue to stimulate the head: this is a powerful
technique that will make your partner scream in erotic joy. You can also lick
and gently suck on your partner’s
testicles. Finally, if you are performing oral sex on your partner’s anus, be
sure to use antibacterial wipes to make sure the area is clean.

All of this
is just a taste of what you can do during foreplay. With so many options, who
would want to skip bases? Spending time on every base ensures that you and your
partner are hot, lubricated and ready to bump uglies to your hearts’ content.
Therefore, be sure to kiss it up, feel it up and lick it up before
sliding into home plate for the winning run. So without further ado, play ball!

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