Volleyball Freshmen Bring Talent and Passion to Help Propel Surging Squad

Though they are new to Pomona and Pitzer, the freshmen on the women’s volleyball team have contributed significantly to the team’s success so far this season. While the women might be new to the team, they feel comfortable and are all happy to be playing volleyball at the collegiate level.

Anna Miller PO ’13, a Seattle native, has been playing volleyball since eighth grade. When she entered high school, Miller had to choose between playing soccer or volleyball.

“I’m glad I chose volleyball, because it was one of the most fun parts of high school,” she said of the decision.

In addition to playing for her high school volleyball team, Miller played on club teams from ninth to 11th grade. Miller’s love for volleyball is apparent in her decision to play in college and her enthusiasm when she discusses her favorite part of the game.

The best part is the “adrenaline high of playing in an exciting match,” Miller said. “There’s nothing better than getting up high and slamming the ball down as hard as you can. Volleyball is the most fun of any sport.”So far, Miller said the highlight of her season was winning at CMS, and she looks forward to the home game against CMS this Friday. She hopes many people come out to cheer because the “rowdier a crowd, the more fun a volleyball game is.”Lauren “Kimmy” Kim PO ’13, from Palos Verdes, California, has been playing volleyball for eight years. Besides playing for her school, Kimmy played with a club team for seven years.In addition to her love for the game, Kim said she decided to play volleyball in college because she “can’t imagine life without volleyball. Plus I love being part of a team, and I wanted to fight the freshman 15.”So far this season, Kim has been a key addition to the team, helping to lead the Sagehens in their win against La Verne with what her teammates termed a “spectacular dig” in the fifth set.

Like Miller, Kim said she loves the adrenaline rush she gets from the game, especially from an “amazing dig.” Kim, along with her other teammates, said she is looking forward to the CMS game this weekend.

Catelyn Gumaer PI ’13, a native of Downey, California, has also been playing volleyball since eighth grade. In addition to playing for her high school team, Gumaer played for the Long Beach Mizuno Volleyball Club and the Roots Volleyball Cub.

Like Kim and Miller, Gumaer decided to play for the Sagehens because of her love for the game and because she “wasn’t ready to give up playing.”

She said that her favorite part of the team is the tight-knit feel, describing the team as a “very supportive group that genuinely cares about” all of its members. Gumaer said this connection between the team members has made the college transition easier for her.

Gumaer’s favorite part of the game is “when you just focus on the game and forget everything else going on, and it’s just you and your team fighting and pushing through to win.” Like her teammates, the highlight of Gumaer’s season was beating CMS in their gym, and she looks forward to playing against them at home.

The freshmen on the volleyball team have a good dynamic. They get along well with each other on and off the court. They have already helped lead the Sagehens to some important wins this season, and it will be exciting to watch them hone their skills in the future.

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