My Dilemma: Salad Won’t Suffice

Something has been troubling me recently. That is: How much energy do we burn if we don’t exercise at all? See, I got off swim a few weeks ago, and I have been trying to maintain my physique from the season. Obviously, I've ost some of my muscle mass already and put on some fat, but my goal has been to slow down that process. So, for the past few weeks, my presence at Scripps dining hall has increased because of their salad bar. (Seriously though, that’s where the best salad is at. Edamame, sesame dressing, the occasional avocado…) Here’s the deal, though: Swim is a sport that makes you eat a lot, and so much so that you starve easily in the beginning of your off-season. So naturally after a salad, I would be starving a couple hours later, especially after dinner. Pizza and burgers have grown increasingly more attractive. I need to compromise.

Exercising is what everyone usually turns to. For a two-hour workout, swim burns approximately 1600 calories for somebody my size. Thing is, it’s my off season. Naturally as a water-only sprinter, I can’t jog. (I came second to last for the intra-team biathlon race.) Well I can, just not fast and not for a long time before I start cramping up. So I max myself out after around 2.5miles/30minutes. (I know that is a very amateur number. I acknowledge that fact.) Sad truth though, that only burns 350 calories. And I only have time for that two times a week.

I suppose that to keep as fit as possible until next season, I will need to eat more salads and fruits, and stay away from the temptations. Supposedly sleep burns a lot of calories because your body tries to keep you warm the whole time. But that kind of goes against the old saying, when you call somebody lazy because they sleep all day. Somewhat ironic.

Oh–and before I leave you guys be, Kobe’s last game was two nights ago. He scored 60 points, literally shat on the other team the last quarter. He's ensational player who stayed in the league for 20 years. To me, the coolest moment of the night was how he finished his speech. “Mamba out.” So to you tonight, I should say…. Jellyfish out. No… that’s kind of ridiculous. I got it. Puffer fish out.

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