P-P Students Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge

With a water polo player and a quarterback among their ranks, the Lawry Eskimo Brothers really should have done better in their Intramural Dodgeball match-up. Widely acknowledged as the most physically dominant team in the bracket, the LEBs fell in the first round of intramural playoffs by a final score of 4-3 to the all-freshmen G-Crew. As they did battle in the hood (read: the Rains Center gymnasium), G-Crew relied on the G-Code embedded in their blood to eke out the upset victory. They finally won when three Gs ganged up to hit the last remaining Brother, Matt Jevsevar PO ‘11, as he kneeled on the ground in a futile attempt to avoid the onslaught of balls.

“That was a huge upset,” Intramural Coordinator Alec Larson PO ‘11 said. “The football team [many of whom were on the LEBs] is always one of the favorites… now, it’s just the water polo team.”

The LEBs/G-Crew game was but one of many close dodgeball games over the past month. IM Dodgeball has been especially popular this year, as students from across the 5Cs took advantage of the opportunity to showcase their ducking, dipping, diving, and, of course, dodging skills.

“It’s been heated games, heated competition out there,” IM Coordinator Richard Creedon PO ‘11 said. “There’s been an influx of size this year, the league’s definitely gotten bigger.”

As the players have gotten larger, faster, and stronger, the speed and intensity of play have also increased proportionally. Creedon described one senior girl who “took one of the hardest hits to the face I’ve ever seen—like, legitimately hard.” Head-hunting is illegal in IM Dodgeball, but a shot to the face is sometimes a natural consequence of setting foot on the court.

More interesting to perennial dodgeball observer Markham Shofner PO ‘11 was the decline of parity in the league. “This year, all the superstars have been gathering on a few teams,” he said. “It’s more like the NBA than intramurals.”

Playoff games between those stacked teams have been going on all week. On Monday, the #1 seed Fellowship of the Strokers defeated the most boringly named team in the bracket, KGI 1. In the late game, Team Yeti could not muster enough abominable snowmen to beat Off To Kids and had to forfeit their game.

On Tuesday, the #2 seed Rock’s Rock (meaning unknown) put together a slurry of offense to advance over #7 seed and most-cleverly-named team Whacks Poetic. In the semifinals, Rock’s Rock went on to defeat the red-hot G-Crew, while the Fellowship circled up to beat Off To Kids.

Unfortunately, TSL went to press before the final on Thursday evening. It was unclear which team would go on to claim the coveted IM championship T-shirt. Regardless of who wins, however, all participants will have benefited from their participation.

“Intramurals is a great way for students who aren’t on a varsity team to stay active and have a good time playing sports,” IM Coordinator Alex Sigoloff PO ’11 said. “It’s a really positive experience and I’m glad everyone’s been enjoying it.”

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