A tribute to Sal Piro and the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ community

Sal Piro, “Rocky Horror” Fan Club founder sadly passes away. (Courtesy: Shawn McHorse)

Last semester, the 5Cs had two live performances of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” followed by an exclusive TSL interview with some of the most important names attached to making the original show into a reality. 

The “Rocky Horror Picture Show” began as a film that evolved to be accompanied by a live performance. It is known for its chaotic and raunchy behavior as well as the interactive audience participation that it creates. The community is one of the most unique aspects of the show, and on Jan. 21, 2023 the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Fan Club announced the loss of founder and president Sal Piro. Members of the “Rocky Horror” community have come together to honor his memory.

Piro’s energy was unique and necessary to bring “Rocky Horror” to audiences as it is seen today. Tim Deegan is a 20th Century Fox advertising manager and a good friend of Piro’s. 

The movie would never have reached the status of the longest continuously running movie in history without Sal Piro and the ‘Rocky Horror’ Fan Club, and all of the loyal fans around the country,” Deegan said via email.

His devotion to the show and the community that it created was never-ending. Piro explained in the interview with TSL last semester that his connection with the film “became a lifestyle.” He worked with others in the Fan Club to spread handwritten letters sharing important “Rocky Horror” information, such as performances and updates, with people across the globe. 

“What turns me on is the group, the family,” Piro said in his past interview. “Everybody’s sharing this movie with each other.”

His love for the show was seen in everything he did and will never be forgotten.


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