Pomona College suspends summer student research program

Pomona College’s 2020 Summer Undergraduate Research Program is being suspended over concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. (Chris Nardi • The Student Life)

Pomona College is suspending its 2020 Summer Undergraduate Research Program due to the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 200 students participate in SURP each summer, according to Pomona. The program brings students to campus to conduct research projects with faculty mentors. It also funds independent projects for others around the country and world.

While the college’s previous suspension of student international travel means the Pomona College Internship Program will no longer fund international internships, domestic PCIP grants are still being offered, college spokesperson Patricia Vest told TSL via email. The application deadline has been extended to April 6. 

But students may have a harder time securing a position as companies in a variety of industries begin to shutter some of their summer offerings.

Summer opportunities are also shrinking at other 5Cs. Scripps College’s summer internship program revoked funding for positions that would require travel, and Harvey Mudd College moved its summer course offerings online.

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