Playlist: Make it to break, whatever it takes!

A woman sits adjacent to a window in a library.
As break quickly approaches, so does the studying frenzy. (Hannah Weaver • The Student Life)

Maybe your professors, like mine, all decided to assign essays due right before break. Maybe you’re just eager to go home and sleep without “Mr. Brightside” blaring in the distance. Either way, these songs will keep you pushing through the last four days until Thanksgiving break. It’s meant to be played in order, but feel free to pick and choose whichever songs speak to you as you battle the Sunday Scaries all the way through your last Tuesday class.

“how 2 find hope” – redveil We start off with redveil, the 17-year-old artist who meets you where you’re (probably) at right now — struggling to stay hopeful amidst the overwhelming pre-break workload.

“I Was Sad Last Night I’m OK Now” – tobi lou This was my top-played song according to Spotify Wrapped last year and I highly recommend listening to remind yourself that stress is temporary.

“My Silver Lining” – First Aid Kit Let the mesmerizing voices of Swedish duo Johanna and Klara Söderberg guide you towards the silver lining that is Thanksgiving break. 

“Closer to Fine” – Indigo Girls This duo has a more philosophical approach to enduring hardships, singing: “the best thing you’ve ever done for me is to help me take my life less seriously, it’s only life after all.”

“For Keeps” – JGrrey Listen to this song right when you wake up for a guaranteed serotonin boost and a feeling that you are “closer than you’ve ever been.” 

“Slip” – Ama Jones With a catchy chorus and synth-y production, Jones sings about not letting her ex back in, but the lyric “can’t push this pencil out my hand” can also apply to furiously scribbling notes. No? Just a thought. 

“Woah (feat. Miguel & Ty Dolla $ign)” – Rich The Kid, Miguel Miguel’s signature velvety vocals carry this song’s vibe, making it feel like a windows-down summer car ride. Play it as you celebrate the small milestones as you get through your homework.

“Running Red Lights” – The Avalanches, Rich Cuomo, Pink Siifu This song perfectly captures the feeling of being caught in chaos. Rather than letting it consume you, the song argues, you can embrace it and try to live “​​without a flicker of regret.”

“Touch The Sky” – Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco Love him or hate him, there’s truly no one who can sample like Kanye. In this case, it’s Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on Up,” which he somehow manages to make even better. As he says himself, “this must be heaven.”

“Take Me as I Am” – Rina Sawayama As we come to the end of the playlist and (hopefully) school-induced stress (for now), treat yourself to a well-deserved dance break powered by Sawayama’s belty encouragement. 

“anthems” – Charli XCX – End on a high note and celebrate the arrival of Thanksgiving break with pure hyperhop euphoria. 

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